2005 Donors

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2005 WLA Foundation Club Contributors

The WLA Foundation thanks the following individuals for contributions made for 2005. We appreciate your generosity! Please note that WLAF acknowledges contributions received after December 1st in the following calendar year, unless otherwise requested. If you don't see your name here, you may be listed as a 2004 donor or a 2006 donor.

Diamond Club ($500 or more)

Barbara Jeanne Arnold (10)
Phyllis Davis
Heather & John Eldred (5)
Fox Valley Library Council
William Jambrek (5)
Barbara Kelly (10)
Richard Krumwiede (5)*
John Nichols
Spotlight Theatre Tours
Vida Stanton (5)*
WLA Youth Services Section  

Platinum Club ($200 - $499)

Bernie Bellin
Elm Grove Public Library*
Peter Hamon
Jennifer Kraemer
Larry Nix (5)
Lisa Strand
Margaret Sullivan 

Gold Club ($100 - $199)

Diana Anderson (5)
Peg Bredeson
Dave Collins
Gregory J. Crews
Mike Cross
Louanne Crowder (5)
Jerome Daniels
Terry Dawson
Anita Evans (5)
Gayle Falk
Clifford Fortin
Michael Gelhausen
Richard Grobschmidt
Robert Hafeman
Kathleen Huston
April Kain-Breese
Rose Mary Leaver (5)
Jessica McPhail
Marianna Markowetz (5)
Charles Marx (5)
Minocqua Public Library*
Ruth Ann Montgomery
William Moritz
Sherrill Munson
Patricia Pawl
Evelyn Payson (5)
Jane Pearlmutter (5)
Professional Library Employees Union Local 1901B
Alice Sedgwick
Margaret Shriver
Alice Sturzl (10)
T. B. Scott Free Library
Greta Thompson*
Thomas Tomczak (5)
James Trojanowski
Julia Trojanowski
UW-Green Bay Cofrin Library*
Margaret Waggoner
Gloria Waity
Carol Waring
David Weinhold
WLA Media and Technology Section
Robert Zimmers (5)

Silver Club ($60 - $99)

Ronald Edwards
Cynthia Huebschen (5)
Paula Kiely
Lois Komai (5)
Paul Onufrak (5)
Sandra Robbers
Jane Roeber (5)
Beverly Schulz
Michael Tyree  

Bronze Club ($30 - $59)

Elaine Angst
Lori Belongia
Michele Besant
Jocelyn Bubolz
Patricia Chevis (5)
Anders Dahlgren (5)
Linda Davis-Brown
John DeBacher
Anita Taylor Doering
Signe Emmerich
Paulette Feld
Julie Fricke
Friends of the T. B. Scott Free Library
Carol Gibson
James Gollata (5)
Ellen Greever
Catherine Hansen
Leanne Hansen
Loretta Harmatuck (10)
Patricia Herrling (5)
Michael Hille (5)
Alana Holt
Dianne McAfee Hopkins
Terrie Howe
Deborah Kabler
Valerie Kaiser (5)
Doris Kazell
Gae Kelly
Diane Kercheck
Beatrice Lebal
Nancy McClements
Janean Miller
Kathleen Mitchell
Mark Morse (5)
Ly Hoang Nghiem
Mary O'Connor
Gerald Perona
Rhonda Puntney
Gretchen Revie
Louise Robbins
Carolynne Rosenberger (5)
Jacquelene Shebesta
Gail Skiff (5)
Paul Sotirin (5)
Southwest WI Association of Libraries
Mary Struckmeyer
Coral Swanson (10)
Laurie Swartwout
Mary Tooley
Rose Trupiano
Brigitte Vacha
Amanda Werhane
Emily Wixson (5)
Irene Zimmerman (5)

(10) = Contributed for at least ten consecutive years
(5) = Contributed for at least five consecutive years
* Donated to Hurricane Katrina Relief:  Fund Raiser for Libraries in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana

Wisconsin Library Association Foundation