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WLA 2007: Applying Survey Methodology in the Real World

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on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 in WLA Blog Archive
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Applying Survey Methodology in the Real Worlda presentation by Thomas Walker, Associate Dean, UW-Milwaukee, SOISIntroduction to surveys:What are they?How to plan a surveyHow to collect dataSamplingQuestionnairesI. What are surveys?a formalized method of gathering info about a group of people through a samplea carefully chosen sample can be used to project results to a larger populationSurveys are not...collected from 100% of a populationcollected entirely from a self-selected groupcollected from a group just because that "sample" is easy to get data fromData gathered systematically:standardized proceduresnot data from individuals -- should be anonymousdata should form a composite profile of the wholeLibrary surveys:usually to assist in the planning processassess community needsassess community perceptions of...- what libraries are- what libraries should beSurveys and methods of collection:telephonemailin-person at the library or other locationweb site or emailwhile methods of data collection can be used to describe the type of survey, methods should not be the main reason a...