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WLA 2009: Canoe the Open Content Rapids

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on Thursday, October 22, 2009 in WLA Blog Archive
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Canoe the Open Content RapidsDorothea Salo, UW System Digital Content Group [under Creative Commons Attribution license] InstructionDigital storytelling - copyright issues over pulling from files found on Google Images - sets a bad example Scholarship reasons to provide copyright education, provide proper information sources Different from country to country Instructors tend to violate copyright, as well as avoid activities that are probably fine CopyrightLimited monopoly over original works that are fixed in a tangible medium (includes stuff on Internet) It's in the Constitution - not about making money, about promoting "progress of science and the useful arts" Life of author + 70 years; 95 years corporate entities OK to copy for scholarship, parody/satire, library preservation, classroom use; limited copying for other reasons = "fair use" You can: a) sell in whole/part, b) give it away for free, c) license it for free/paymentFaculty generally fall into (b) without realizing it -...