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WAPL 2007: Google Scholar & Google Books

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on Thursday, May 03, 2007 in WLA Blog Archive
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Google Scholar & Google Books: Bringing a World of Information to Your Communitya presentation by Pamela O’Donnell, Academic Librarian at University of Wisconsin-MadisonGoogle Image:you can search by image size and image type as well as by keywordGoogle Video / YouTubeit's what our patrons are watchingit's how they're accessing informationGoogle Newsit's constantly updatedan RSS feed is availableGoogle Mapsmashups take existing data and show it in a new contextusing Google Maps with literature - look at the places mentioned in the book Kite Runner; a way to make a book more relevant to studentssearch for the pyramids in Egypt & view the satellite view to see the Sphynx's noseuse the technology to engage with your audience / patronsOn Google, the link to More shows you choices based on your IP address; for example, when on the UW Madison campus it offers patents, scholarClick on the "More Google" to see the full range of...