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Governor Walker's Partial Veto of WiscNet Language: Analysis of Impact Not Completed

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on Monday, June 27, 2011 in State Legislation/Initiatives
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The Office of Governor Scott Walker released the governor's remarks on the state budget and the governor's partial veto of some measures, including the compromise language on WiscNet. It's possible that the partial veto requires the entire legislature to act, rather than just allowing Joint Finance to postpone the effective date of prohibitions on the UW's telecommunications involvement. It's unclear at this point, but UW officials are analyzing the language. Stay tuned for more information as we learn it.Copied directly from the memo: 19.Joint Committee on Finance Authority to Postpone Telecommunications Services ProhibitionSection 1015xThis section defines telecommunications services and third-party entity and, beginning July 1, 2013, prohibits the University of Wisconsin System from becoming a member, shareholder or partner in any third-party entity or other person that offers, resells, or provides telecommunications services to the general public or to any public or private entity unless the third-party entity or other person...