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WAAL 2008: Diversity and Undergrad Internship Programs

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on Friday, April 18, 2008 in WLA Blog Archive
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"ISIP: Diversity and the Information Specialist Internship Program at the UW-Madison"Keisha Simpson, Jeanne Witte, Lisa Saywell, Carrie Kruse an internship program?Diversify future of the professionAdmin support - $$$ - so we can pay the internsProvide variety of work experiences to spark interestAbout the ISIP programWork 8-10 hours/week within regular business hours - librarian supervisors are volunteeringInitially, thought 4 modules/year - now varying 1 16-week and 2 8-week modules - gives time to recruit both interns and supervisorsBreadth and depth - balanced experienceHow recruit? Partnered with other diversity programs on campus, able to target 2nd-3rd year students - able to get many applicants - also went to student fairs, get it out there in front of students and staff - wanted to get on radarKeisha is one of our 1st interns - very valuable feedback to improveNot necessarily a goal for students to go on to LIS grad school and profession -...