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WAAL09: Tapping the Creative Spirit to Spur Innovation

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on Thursday, April 23, 2009 in WLA Blog Archive
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"Tapping the Creative Spirit to Spur Innovation"Kathryn Deiss, ACRL Content Strategist - presentation postedHow do you develop a creative environment?New stuff - how do we get it? Depend on creative part of the mind - how tap it?Who's creative? Audience: everyone, (usually people say: musicians, artists, writers)"Creative Inventions" lightning round (60 seconds) - create an invention using your card and someone else's (items like: ping pong balls, wind chimes, empty 35mm film canister, thermos, bubble-blowing kit, milk crate, waffle iron, gerbil wheel, whistling tea kettle, cassette tape player, cell phone, water pitcher, bicycle helmet, corkscrew, wallet, measuring spoons, compass, slinky, cupcake liners, camera, mousetrap, spray paint, ice cube tray, mickey mouse ears, bandana, zipper, skateboard)Everyone is creative - process of generating novel ideas that are likely to be usefulCreative process:Difficulty = we don't know where we are:problem/opportunity > divergent thinking > convergent thinking > decision pointMost people truncate early part, and...
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