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WLA 2007: Library Conference Planning 101: Backs to the WAAL

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on Thursday, October 18, 2007 in WLA Blog Archive
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As a newbie to the WAAL 2008 planning committee, I couldn't believe my luck. An entire session on planning the WAAL conference, by members of last year's committee!I was so impressed by these folks - they put a lot of good energy and work into coordinating a successful conference, and they clearly had fun doing it. Oh, and not only that, but they put that same amount of energy and fun into this session. They even brought a basket of candy for attendees, and gave out door prizes! Wow.They had tons of practical tips and words of wisdom to share:Committee member pins and t-shirts ("It will be okay... I promise") helped establish team camaraderieGet to know your conference site staff, and show appreciationIn-house program booklet is a lot of work and versioning can be difficult, but saves moneyConference headquarters room for committee members is helpfulMost program applications will come within...