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WAAL 2008: User Surveys: Cost-effective Marketing Strategies

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on Thursday, April 17, 2008 in WLA Blog Archive
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Larry Duerr and Dolores Skowronek, Alverno CollegeCost-effective Marketing StrategiesBoth of us are on campus library marketing committeePrevious committee members were more interested in promoting internally through bulletin boards, etc.International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science: "Marketing represents an organized way of offering library services cost-effectively and efficiently, baesd upon user interests, communication methods, imaginative design of service and products, and feedback that improves what the library is doing."Rather than pulling an idea out of a hat and saying, "let's try this" - we needed data on our usersLast time we'd gathered data like this was 10 years agoInfo we wanted to gather: frequency of library use, demographics, reality of student tech proficiency vs. their self-assessment, satisfaction level with libraryData gathering & statistical analysisProbability sampling - better option but requires more understanding of statistics, and more funds - everyone has same chance of being surveyed - yields statistically measurable resultsNon-probability sampling -...