Common School Fund Threatened: Contact Legislators!

Posted by Lisa Strand on Friday, October 14, 2011 in State Legislation/Initiatives
Legislation related to nursing home regulation, introducedas companion bills AB-302 and SB-212, will reduce funding available to theschool libraries, if passed. The Wisconsin Educational Media & TechnologyAssociation (WEMTA) says the legislation could cost the Common School Fund(CSF) at least $1.5 million per year because it diverts fines and forfeitureson nursing homes from the CSF. 

The Assembly Committee on Aging and Long Term Care will vote on AB-302 onThursday, October 20, at 9:00 a.m. in room 400 Northeast of the State Capitol.The Senate Committee will meet that same date and time in room 330 Southwest.
If the bills are approved by committee, they go straight tothe full Assembly and Senate.It is very important to reach out to legislatorsin both the Assembly and Senate, and if you are represented by someone on thecommittees who vote on October 20, your call is essential.
Assembly Committee members are as follows: RepresentativesDan Knodl (R-Germantown, District 24), Warren Petryk (R-Elva, District 93),Karl Van Roy (R-Green Bay, District 90), Kathy Bernier (R-Chippewa Falls,District 68), Peggy Krusick (D-Milwaukee, District 7) and Elizabeth Coggs(D-Milwaukee, District 10).
Senate Commitee members are: Senators  Pam Galloway(R-Wausau, District 29) Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin, District 28), Leah Vukmir(R-Wauwatosa, District 5), Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee, District 3), JenniferShilling (D-La Crosse, District 13)
Key points to address with legislators:
• Nursing home regulation reform is a worthy goal, but suchreform should not penalize school libraries and the school children who counton them. 
• Any proceeds from fines or forfeitures should go into theCommon School Fund. Though unintended, this bill costs the CSF $1.5 million peryear.
• We respectfully request that AB-302 and SB-212 be amendedto require that all fine and forfeiture proceeds collected thereto be depositedinto the Common School Fund.
You can email your legislatorsdirectly from the WLALegislative Alert center, or get their telephone numbers there. Type inyour home address, and it will tell you who represents you and direct yourmessage appropriately.
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