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Penworthy Announces WLA Attendee Sponsorship Award

Posted by on Thursday, October 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Penworthy Company is pleased to announce Julia Davis of Kiel Public Library in Kiel, WI as the winner of our 19th annual WLA Attendee Sponsorship Award. Every year, we award a Wisconsin librarian with a $400 sponsorship award to attend WLA’s annual conference, which holds programs to refresh library services, boost professional skills, and help librarians make connections. Congratulations Julia!

WLA thanks The Penworthy Company for their wonderful support of WLA through this sponsorship and decades of exhibiting at the WLA Conference.

The Penworthy Company makes buying children’s books the pleasure it ought to be® with an exceptional selection, sturdy Penworthy Prebound Books and a level of personal service you can trust. Based in Milwaukee, WI for 29 years, we’re proud to support the librarians in our home state.
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