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2011 Best Practices for Government Libraries Offers Relevant Tips for All

Posted by on Thursday, July 07, 2011 in WLA Blog Archive
E-Initiatives and e-Efforts: Expanding Our Horizons2011 Best Practices for Government Libraries published by LexisNexis, has something to offer all library & information professionals. Compiled by Marie Cadell, Senior Information Professional Consultant at LexisNexis, the 279-page document offers 84 articles on topics in 6 categories:
  • Embracing New Avenues of Communication
  • Adapting to New and Evolving Technologies
  • Altering Our Places and Spaces
  • Tackling Changing Expectations, Resources, and Job Descriptions
  • Preserving What We Have and Preparing for the Future
  • Expanding Horizons
Some articles include "Getting the Most from Social Media from the Least Investment of Time and Energy," "Kindle Lending Programs in Libraries," "Public Records Resources Online," and "Setting Yourself Up for Success."
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