Election Year Challenge: 100 Contacts with New Officials

Posted by Lisa Strand on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 in State Legislation/Initiatives
At the WLA Conference, Paul Nelson, Chair of the Library Development & Legislation Committee (LD&L), issued a two-part challenge to librarians: make sure Governor-elect Scott Walker and U.S. Senator-elect Ron Johnson receive at least 100 letters of congratulations from library workers and supporters around the state. In addition, every librarian represented by a freshman state legislator is urged to make contact via a congratulatory letter (handwritten, please) prior to Library Legislative Day on February 22. Let's make sure that February 22 is not your first contact with these newbies. Extra credit for contacting any re-elected officials, whether part of the freshman class or not!

Contact information for state legislators, Governor-elect Scott Walker and Senator-elect Ron Johnson is provided for your convenience. Many have not yet made the transition from campaign headquarters to legislative offices, but you can still reach them at these addresses.

Paul has also started a blog containing profiles of the freshman class. Get a better picture of these legislators, their districts, their interests and start developing a Common Agenda. Engagement with your elected officials is the name of the game. Let's get started today!
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