WAAL10: Digital Archive of Wisconsin Aerial Photographs

Posted by Lisa Strand on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 in WLA Blog Archive

Wisconsin Aerial Photographs

Jaime Stoltenberg (UW-Madison's Map Library)
Melissa McLimans (UW System Digital Collections Center)
Michael Bricknell (State Cartographer's Office)

* "Changing Landscapes of Wisconsin", soon to be released
* Thousands of photographs

* ~900 Gb in storage for 1930s images

* Original purpose: to determine crop acreage

* Modified Dublin Core metadata schema (14 fields, some automated) - includes geospatial references

* UWDC has other digital map collections, in different formats

* Hope to connect multiple collections, so one search on particular parcel will return aerial photo, land patent, etc.

* Typically, you would come into the library and look at an "index map" to determine which photographs you want to look at - this project involved software that matched points on map to GIS coordinates
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