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National Library Week message to Legislators

Posted by on Thursday, April 08, 2010 in WLA Blog Archive
To Wisconsin Library Association Members:

As you are well aware, libraries are being threatened by a perfect storm. They are busier than ever helping families survive during these tough economic times.

Yet public libraries, school libraries, and academic libraries are facing closures, and elimination of librarians and library workers- the people who help those with a job application, teach 21st century skills, and nurture the love of reading in kids that will serve them the rest of their lives.

‘National Library Week’ is next week, and it will be perfect time for you to contact your state officials to let them know how valuable libraries and those who work in libraries are during these difficult times.

ALA has worked with chapters to create an ‘Action Alert’ through our shared Capwiz advocacy system, which will make it easy for you to send messages to our legislators and governor.

I’ll be posting another message on the blog Monday with a link to our state’s ‘Action Alert.’

Please take a few minutes during National Library Week to raise your voice for libraries. And don’t forget to forward on to your friends and colleagues to add their voices!

Thank you for advocating for libraries!


Julie Schneider
ALA Chapter Councilor
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