Governor Doyle, U.S. Commerce Official Announce Nearly $29 Million for Broadband Investments

Posted by Lisa Strand on Thursday, February 18, 2010 in WLA Blog Archive
GREEN BAY – Governor Jim Doyle and US Deputy Commerce Secretary Dennis Hightower today announced Wisconsin will invest $28.7 million to expand broadband Internet access, including $22.9 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds. The grant will provide high-speed Internet access to 467 sites in over 380 communities in all the state’s 72 counties.

“High-speed Internet access is critical to the success of our state’s entrepreneurs, businesses, students and families,” Governor Doyle said. “This project will create jobs to lay and install fiber cable, for telecommunications contractors and technicians, and in fields like construction, manufacturing, masonry and electrical wiring. Through the Recovery Act, the Obama Administration is making major investments in Wisconsin’s broadband infrastructure to help our schools and libraries access high-speed Internet.”

Wisconsin is receiving one of several national Recovery Act grants for broadband development. The state’s project will expand broadband Internet access to 74 schools, eight post-secondary schools including two tribal colleges, and 385 libraries. 84 percent of the school districts and colleges receiving the grant are in rural areas. Over 200 miles of fiber optic cable will be installed and more than $10 million will be spent on American-made telecommunications equipment and materials....
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