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WAAL09: We're from the Government and We're Here to Help! : Reference and Loan Library Services for Academic Libraries

Posted by on Friday, April 24, 2009 in WLA Blog Archive

"We're from the Government and We're Here to Help! : Reference and Loan Library Services for Academic Libraries"
Martha Farley Berninger, Abby Swanton, Lisa Reale, and Vickie Long
Reference & Loan Library, DPI -

-- Appreciate getting credit for database links (ex: "provided by BadgerLink" or logo)
-- Access is via IP address or library card barcode ranges (please provide both to Badgerlink), or other as needed
-- New: Federated searching across all EBSCOhost and Proquest databases, (and WisCat for licensed libraries)
-- Support: online form for tech support & promotional materials (bookmarks, posters)

-- Since 1980s - resource-sharing tool for ILL, MARC record sharing
-- Z39.50 compatible
-- Includes public, academic, and medical library catalogs, (and Minitex - Minnesota catalogs?)
-- For past year, ISO connection with Illiad for UW-Madison libraries (GZM) brokered by WILS
-- Splash page is customizable, with up to 4 RSS feeds, calendar message of the day
-- "L" list libraries only - can't afford others

Wisconsin Digital Archives -
-- WI Document Depository Program -
-- Academic and public libraries
-- Some docs are born digital and only exist online
-- Authoritative, long-term access
-- Primary access is via OPACs - all records in WorldCat, WisCat, MadCat, LRBCat, FirstSearch
-- Collection: hot topics, statistics, task forces, final reports
-- All are assigned WiDoc numbers
-- Open to suggestions for documents to add
-- Not archived: public records, databases, private info (intranets), print that hasn't already been digitized, entire websites (tho can do *parts*)
-- RSS feed or Monthly lists sent to libraries since 2005 -

Reference Services:
-- AskAway = chat for all public libraries & paid institutions, email for paid institutions - not encouraged to be linked as primary service
-- Backup reference (phone, email, mail) - all WI residents / libraries
-- Songbook database - links into WisCat
-- Library directory
-- Automobile service manuals (coming soon)
-- Access to Dialog, WestLaw, Lexis-Nexis

-- Plans to add more databases to Badgerlink? Answer: COLAND recommendation was to enhance access, but waiting to hear about funding.
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