WAAL09: Tale (Tail) of the Tyger

Posted by Lisa Strand on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 in WLA Blog Archive

Tale (Tail) of the Tyger
Rev. Dr. David Joyce, President of Ripon College

  • What do you think of when you hear "Ripon"? Harrison Ford, Rippin' Good cookies, and now "The bike thing"

Goal: Appreciate the worth in yourself and others so that you can influence and create your own future

  • We spend too much time picking things apart, and not enough time putting things together

  • "Nothing endures but change" - Heraclitus (500 B.C.)

  • The rules are changing in this economy - old ways of doing things don't necessarily work - can't just look to the past - it used to be that if stocks were down, then bonds were up - not right now!

Fear-based decision-making:

  • We instill fear in others to control what they do or don't do

  • How much do we do or not do because we're afraid of what might happen?

Transformational Process:

  • May be considered "inefficient" because time intensive - I meet with senior staff 4 hours each week to do this process

  • #1 Mutual Worth - Begins with belief that "you have worth"

  • #2 Authentic Interaction - What's going well? - everyone tends to jump to problem-solving too quickly - sometimes what's going well might be in our personal lives

  • #3 Appreciative Understanding - everyone has a skill set, and they have more skills than you know - if you only look at those like you, all you'll get is those like you

  • #4 Progressive Integration

  • #5 Continuous Improvement

  • #6 Transformation


  • Motivation (memory, emotions, attitudes) > Decisions > Behaviors > Perceptions > Trust or Distrust

  • Ask open-ended questions

  • Listen

  • Paraphrase

  • Instead of "Yeah, but" say "Yes, and"

  • Enablers: awareness, reason, freedom, skills

The Bike Thing (Velorution):

  • Ripon College is growing, and we were running out of car parking

  • 1,100 students; 7,800 town residents > unhappy with students parking on streets

  • "Creative Interchange":

  • #1 Wish statement - "I wish/I would like it if... we didn't need to pave more green space to create parking lots for cars"

  • #2 Another person paraphrases, then offers an idea - "We could give all incoming students a bicycle"

  • #3 Next person paraphrases, then offers 4 reasons why they like the idea for every 1 wish statement

  • #4 Continues until solution arrived upon - give out about 200 bikes per year
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