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WAAL 2008: Integrating and assessing information literacy

Posted by on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 in WLA Blog Archive

WAAL Information Literacy Award presentation
  • Dave Dettman, Coordinator of IL and Outreach, UW-Green Bay
  • UW System now looking at student learning assessment tools: iSkills, Project SAILS, ILT
  • Assessing learning outcomes is more difficult for IL than subject areas
  • How well is IL integrated into the curriculum at your campus?
  • "Assessment Loop" - want to complete all steps (goals, measurement, etc.), and close the loop (set new goals) - funders want to see this
  • Accreditation agencies starting to look at IL-related skills
  • Faculty had been afraid of IL - confusing it with technology literacy - can student use x piece of software/hardware?
  • We've been doing "one-shot" instruction sessions for a long time - faculty are used to this
  • Needed to document students' poor understanding of IL concepts for faculty who think that students have these skills
  • Need to approach library databases differently than the Wild West Web, not in same way that you'd ask one another a question
  • Action plan: Make failure visible, in order to move on to more effective approaches
  • Beyond one shot: librarian meets with students 2 times in computer labs where they can continue to research topics
  • Standardized tests: can be powerful for communicating a need for more integration
  • ETS iSkills ICTL test (Scale: 0-300) used at UWGB
  • No library instruction = 156.5
  • One-shot lecture = 164.4
  • Lecture + ICT literacy exercises = 171.2
  • National recommendation = at least 162
  • What does this score mean? Don't know, but he started to get invited by admin to serve on many instruction committees
  • UWGB revived freshman seminar concept, after ~15 years - beyond composition class
  • 1st assignment: Watch movie, pick 5 themes, find scholarly article related to each
  • Library e-guide - but faculty didn't promote, and complained about predominant website citations
  • 1st year (2006) = Failure
  • Would like to parse out data to an instructor level, but my data analyst isn't comfortable with that
  • Self-assessment of learning: increased on most measures (exception: "how to use" information)
  • People upstairs love this: "If the librarian's not doing much teaching right now, imagine the results if librarian was doing a bit more!"
  • Unfortunately, some students get to see me multiple times in their classes, others don't see me at all
  • Perception of what a librarian is the same, regardless of where they work - think the academic librarian is the same as their old kindergarten librarian
  • Really opening doors to faculty, institutional admin
  • Successfully advocated to expand freshman seminar in 2008-09 with IL to about 1/2 students
  • Planning to integrate more with 8 instructors
  • Want to convince 4 more instructors to require a similar assignment with one-shot, so not comparing apples to oranges
  • Many librarians find that they aren't able to use the data they collect in the way that they think, because the wind up trying to compare very different experiences
  • Now possible to make connections between IL scores (higher-level thinking) and post-grad hiring
  • Students finally get something back from assessment - see real-time results = higher motivation
  • We promoted campus interest in results, by some staff promising to shave their heads if score was higher than a certain level
  • Need to build IL assessment into a course, with class time
  • A different campus was offering $25 for students to take IL test - a student said "I'd rather give blood"
  • Awarded an IL "Lesson Study" grant - seed money is powerful on campus
  • Pre/post surveys, focus groups coordinated by Education students
  • Now working on MLLO Project: Assessing mission level student learning objectives
  • Faculty development - monetary rewards - make yourself visible there - with data, you'll become more welcome
  • LibQual at UWGB in 2004, again in 2008 - can show gains
  • UW System-wide assessment interest - we've been working in our own backyards for too long
  • Dave: Better to organically roll into an existing class, than to have a stand-alone "library class" for credit
  • Audience: Disagreement - our credit class is very popular among everyone


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