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WLA 2007: The 411 on Mashups

Posted by on Friday, October 19, 2007 in WLA Blog Archive
Presented by Julie Fricke, Reference and Web Resource Librarian, Lawrence University.

Mashups are applications that use more than one source to create something new. Mapping mashups are about 32% of what's out there right now, but photo and news mashups are becoming more popular. Check the Programmable Web for more info.

Mashups are:
  • easy to use
  • easy to find
  • easy to manipulate
  • the future of web stuff
How do I make one?
  • add this app (point & click - like iGoogle's widgets, Facebook apps)
  • clone (yahoo pipes is an example)
  • program (server side - Google API for example)
Implications for libraries:
  • Intellectual property: know when you can use the data or site, so you're not violating copyright; make sure you know when it's okay to remix
  • Copyright: check for Creative Commons licenses
  • Provenance: pay attention to the origin of the info and authority
  • Scale and dependency: can you get support for using the mashup?
  • Keeping up!
More info is available at wlamash on, the Programmable Web (link above), and Julie's presentation will be available online soon on the conference web site. Look at dapper and datamashups for help with creating quick and easy mashups. Can't wait to dabble!
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