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Candidates for WLA Office Announced

Posted by on Tuesday, June 28, 2005 in WLA Blog Archive
The WLA Nominating Committee recently announced the following slate of candidates for WLA-wide elected positions:
WLA Vice President/President-Elect: Rebecca Berger, Director, Door County Library; Ed Van Gemert, Deputy Director, UW-Madison General Library System
ALA Councilor: Phyllis Davis, Associate Director, South Central Library System; Connie Van Der Heide, Reference/Outreach Services Librarian, Wisconsin State Law Library
WLA Foundation Board: Leanne Hansen, Director, Cofrin Library, UW-Green Bay; Kathy Schneider, Director, WiLS

Thanks to all the candidates for agreeing to run for office. The Nominating Committee members are: David Weinberg-Kinsey, Chair; Bob Bocher, Kay Ihlenfeldt, Jay Karow, and Carolynne Rosenberger.

WLA will publish candidates’ statements in the July-August-September issue of the WLA Newsletter and mail official ballots in early August.
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