Sample Policies

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Fundraising and Solicitation Policy (Marshall Public Library)

Sample Library Policies for the Small Public Library
Compiled by the Small Library Committee of the Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians, 2nd Edition, Revised by David L. Polodna, 1999 Converted to HTML by OWLS

Patron Incident Report
You can, and should, ban people who are habitually causing problems. But, you need to have documentation. Whether the board or the Library Director instigates the banning, a clear record of who, what, where, when, and why, is needed. Your appropriate behavior policy needs to spell out the specifics.

Reporting Emergencies
We are never truly prepared for emergencies. However, this document can be helpful before something comes up. Review it with new staff, or at an in-service.

Electronic Attendance at Board Meetings - attorney approved
A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting shall consist of a majority members of the Board present in person. (For municipalities see S.43.54(1)(e), Wis Stats.). In rare circumstances and on pre-approval by the President, members may participate by telephone or other means of telecommunication or electronic communication. Any voting conducted by telephone, or by other means of telecommunication or electronic communication, shall be subject to the same quorum requirements of meetings at which members are present in person. A person appearing electronically shall state on the record that no other individuals are able to hear the closed session discussion.  
(From Jennie Stoltz, Director, Pewaukee Public Library. This is the language that their board had approved through their attorney. Thanks for sharing this with WISL.)

 Volunteer policy and application  

Have your board review the policy and the form.  The form was designed for the Marshall library and your needs will be different so review it carefully.