WISL Leaders/Minutes

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WISL  Procedures

2017 WISL Officers, Terms and Job Descriptions

Chair – Jacqueline Rammer
Lakeview Community Library, Random Lake

(2017) Prepare budget (Aug.Sept.)
Prepare goals (Oct. Nov)
Chair meetings ( Feb., WAPL, Jul., WLA.)
Attend WLA Leadership meeting.
Report new Board members to WLA (including WLA/liaisons)

Chair Elect – Amanda Hegge
Whitehall Public Library, Whitehall

(2017) Serve on Nominating Committee (June)
Serve on Scholarship Committee (Aug)
Attend WLA Leadership Meeting.

Past Chair – Erin Foley
Adams County Library, Adams

(2017) Chair of Nominating Committee (June)
Sample Policy Coordinator

Liaison to WLA Board - Teresa Schmidt
Mercer Public Library, Mercer

(3 yrs - 2017-2019) Attend WLA board meetings to share information from and to WISL

Secretary – Gina Rae
Wilton Public Library, Wilton

(2016-2017) Serve on nominating committee (June)
Take minutes of meetings.
Update WISL Web page on WLA server

3rd Year Director – Kent Barnard
Patterson Memorial Library, Wild Rose

Plan programs for WLA fall conference (including arranging for WISL meeting and booth).

2nd Year Director – Vacant

Plan programs for WAPL Spring conf. (including arranging for WISL mtg.)

1st Year Director – Amy Stormberg
Shell Lake Public Library, Shell Lake
Serve on WISL Scholarship Committee

Newsletter Editor - Jennifer Friedman
Mendota Mental Health Library, Madison

Publish at least two newsletters via PDF for posting to web page




we want you

We Want YOU for the WISL Board!

Board members must be a member of WLA and WISL, and work in or are retired from a small library.

Some WISL board positions are elected and some are not.

A Chair-elect is voted on, then automatically moves up to Chair and then Past Chair.

A 1st Year Director is voted on, then moves up to 2nd, then 3rd Year Director.

The positions of Secretary (2 year term) and WLA Liason are elected (3 year term).

Newsletter Editor is a volunteer position.

Positions are handed over in January each year. Read our Procedures.