Wisconsin Small Libraries

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Small libraries make up the majority of libraries in Wisconsin.

We may be small, but together we are BIG.
And Super

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WISL's purpose is to promote the common interests, activities, administration and services of all small libraries. WISL defines a small library as any public or non-public library staffed with 4 FTEs or less and serving a population less than 6,000, but we are happy to have any WLA member join our group. We learn best from each other.

Board Meeting Notes:  March 2015 - All officers can post to WISL FaceBook page.  WISL is working with a "We Lead Protege".
Open board seats in 2016 - Secretary, Chair Elect, WLA Liaison, and 1st Year Director.  WAPL programs are set.  WLA programs are in the works.  Discussion on using more social media for outreach. 

Scholarship applications will be due August 11, 2015.  If you need money to attend WLA, please apply.  WISL offers two $200 scholarships to help you!  Use the scholarship tab for the information and form. 

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Handouts from WAPL 2014 programming:

Volunteer Application Form

Thank You postcard

Power Point "Getting them to go."

Power Point "Let's Talk".


Upcoming Events:

WISL Board Meeting at WAPL - May 7th, 2015  5-6 pm.  Location to be announced.
WISL sponsored programs at WAPL:  BOTh are Thursday, 1:30 - 2:30 (we didn't plan it that way!)

At the Movies with Librarians IV - The Librarians Strike Back!
Rachel Arndt, Milwaukee Public Library; Sherry Machones, Edgerton Public Library; Annie Bahringer, W. J. Niederkorn Library, Port Washington; Clairellyn Sommersmith, Princeton Public Library

In this popular program from conferences past, librarians will discuss popular books coming out as movies in the near future. We will watch the trailers, talk about the books and eat yummy popcorn!

Let’s Talk! Establishing a Good Relationship with Your Library Board
Diana Skalitzky
, Marshall Community Library; Kim Hennings, New Richmond Public Library 

This session will focus on questions from library directors of small public libraries on how to establish a good relationship with your Board of Trustees without the hassles of micromanaging and over-stepping boundaries. The discussion will focus on the role of the Library Director (operations) and the Board members (policies & long-range planning). Directors will be able to ask for advice or ask questions on how to train board members to follow the Trustee Essentials Handbook and how to handle difficult situations when board members start to cross the line