Wisconsin Small Libraries

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Small libraries make up the majority of libraries in Wisconsin.

We may be small, but together we are BIG.

SAve our libraries

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WISL's purpose is to promote the common interests, activities, administration and services of all small libraries. WISL defines a small library as any public or non-public library staffed with 4 FTEs or less and serving a population less than 6,000, but we are happy to have any WLA member join our group. We learn best from each other.

Upcoming Board Meeting: Thursday, November 5th, (at WLA conference) 6:30-Business meeting followed by &;00 Board Meeting.  Green Bay room. 

Board Meeting Notes:  Link to COLAND

Handouts from WAPL 2014 programming:

Volunteer Application Form

Thank You postcard

Power Point "Getting them to go."

Power Point "Let's Talk".


Upcoming Events: Let's Make it Happen!

WLA Annual Conference - November 3-6, 2015

Madison Marriott West, Middleton, WI

Cards against humanity - Wisconsin Edition has been added! Try out Exploding Kittens! 

See you on Wednesday night from 7 - 8 in the Milwaukee room.