Wisconsin Genealogy & Local History Roundtable

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The Wisconsin Genealogy & Local History Roundtable (WIGLHR, pronounced "Wiggler") is a unit within the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA).

This roundtable was formed to provide networking and educational opportunities for librarians, library staff, and archivists in Wisconsin who work with genealogy and local history collections.

WIGLHR Policies

Joining WIGLHR

Join WLA and select WIGLHR as one of your unit memberships - 3 are included! If you are already a WLA member, but haven't yet joined WIGLHR, contact the WLA office. WIGLHR offers:

  • A newsletter on genealogy and local history issues
  • Conference programs geared especially WIGLHR
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities to connect you with professionals who share your interests

Get membership information and join now under the MyWLA tab!