WAPL Leaders/Minutes

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Current WAPL Leadership

Chair: Rochelle Hartman

Past Chair: Katherine Elchert

Chair Elect: Barry McKnight

PLA Liaison: Angela Meyers

WLA Board Liaison: Nyama Reed

3rd Year Director at Large: Cathy Tuttrup

2nd Year Director at Large: Katrina Linde-Moriarty 

1st Year Director at Large: TBD

All minutes, agendas, and conference documentation from 2006 to today, can be found at the WLA Dropbox site.  

Visit the Public Libraries Division of WLA here.  

Account Name: Walter Smith (First President of WLA)

Email:wla4610@gmail.com Password: WLA4610


WAPL Conference Committee 

-Conference Committee 2018

Personnel & Professional Concerns Committee (P2C2)

- The P2C2 Committee was disbanded in 2012.

- Minutes of P2C2 05/05/2011