Program - Friday

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7:00 - 10:00 a.m.
Convention Center North Concourse

7:00 - 8:30 a.m.
The Eye Opener
Assorted morning pastries, seasonal fresh fruit platter, fluffy scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, buttermilk pancakes, homestyle potatoes, Applewood smoked bacon, fresh orange juice, coffee, tea or milk.

8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

A Community Partnerships Framework in Action
Adriana McCleer, Appleton Public Library
Location: Frontier

So, your library is outward facing? What does that mean?  The Community Partnerships Department of the Appleton Public Library designed a Collaboration Framework as a tool to plan and evaluate strategic efforts and responses to community needs and requests.  The framework situates community partnerships in the context of ongoing library efforts and enables clear articulation of purpose to internal and community stakeholders.  Attend this program to learn about the design process and this tool in action!
Sponsor: OSRT (Outreach Services)

Care and Feeding of the Entrepreneur
Nicolette Warisses Sosulski, Portage District Library, Portage, Michigan
Location: Evergreen

Serving the business community is one way of confirming the relevance of your library to your local patron populace. However, entrepreneurs can sometimes be scary or challenging. How can a librarian who does not have a business background provide value-added assistance to these patrons and make a dollars-and-sense difference to the local economy? Nicolette, business librarian since 2005 and winner of the 2011 Gale Cengage Award for Excellence in Business Librarianship, can help.
Sponsor: WAPL (Public Libraries)

Hot Off The Press: Crafting a Successful E-Newsletter
Jill Fuller
, Bridges Library System, Waukesha 
Location: Woodland

2% open rates. Template nightmares. Boring content. Email marketing is a necessary component in reaching our patrons, but how do we do it in ways that are worth our time and effort? In this presentation, we'll discuss "all things newsletter," including content ideas, design no-no's, and best practices that will help you craft the perfect newsletter and entice your patrons to open them.
Sponsor: WAPL (Public Libraries) 

The Return of the Notable Reports Panel Strikes Again!
Leah Langby, Indianhead Federated Library System, Eau Claire; Bruce Gay, Milwaukee County Federated Library System; Steve Ohs, Lakeshores Library System, Waterford; Jessica Williams, Mount Horeb Public Library; Sara Gold, WiLS, Madison; Andrea Coffin, WiLS, Madison
Location: Trillium

Back again by popular demand!  Each year, a number of new reports about public libraries are produced by organizations like Pew, OCLC, ALA, Library Journal, The Aspen Institute and others. These reports contain valuable information that can help us do our jobs better but, unfortunately, few of us have the time to read every single one.  The goal of this session is to help attendees get an overview of those reports and their implications for our work. Each panelist will share a summary of a report they believe is significant and discuss the broad and practical implications for their libraries.
Sponsor: WAPL (Public Libraries)

Working With a Website Developer
Michael Diedrick, Byte Studios, Milwaukee; Jacki  Potratz, Milwaukee Public Library
Location: Stonefield

You need a new website for your library? It can be an overwhelming task because establishing a web presence is essential to succeeding. It's an investment into your mission and how you interact with your community. Michael and Jacki will help you understand the process of finding and selecting the best web development team to meet your needs. With details on searches, APIs, content management, user accounts and more, you'll learn practical tips about how to get the most from your developers and how to work together to solve problems and find new ways to connect and inspire.
Sponsor: WAPL (Public Libraries)

9:30 – 10:00 a.m.

Conference Center Concourse

10:00 – 10:45 a.m.

Advocacy From the Top: Spring Your Board to Action
John Keister, John Keister & Associates: Executive Search, Vernon Hills, Illinois; Sarah Keister Armstrong, Sarah Keister Armstrong & Associates, LLC; Strategic Planning, Grayslake, Illinois
Location: Evergreen

Library consultants John Keister and Sarah Keister Armstrong team up for a presentation to help directors engage with, persuade and motivate trustees to become advocates for the libraries they serve. Drawing on their years of experience both serving on and working with library boards, John and Sarah bring a combination of professional advice and practical tips on navigating the relationship between board members and directors. This three-pronged session will cover how directors can better speak the language of boards, how to motivate trustees into active roles as advocates, and practical tips from their experiences.
Sponsor: WAPL Conference Committee

Introverts Unite!
Virginia Roberts, Rhinelander District Library
Location: Frontier

Current library trends are compelling us to "turn outward," to do more outreach, and to lobby for our libraries.  But if you are shy, hate public speaking, or are generally introverted, how do you avoid a daily panic attack?  Come share your horror stories, successes, and coping strategies to realize how you can act like an extrovert when you're really an introvert.
Sponsor: TSS (Technical Services)

Managing a Vibrant Volunteer Program
Meredith Lowe, UW-Madison SLIS; Anna Palmer, UW-Madison SLIS
Location: Woodland

Tap into the expertise, enthusiasm, and energy of your local residents to make your public library a welcoming presence in your community. In this presentation, we talk about the rewards and challenges of recruiting, training, and managing library volunteers. Details about job descriptions, application forms, and training manuals will be shared, as well as what elements make up a successful volunteer policy.
Sponsor: UW-Madison SLIS

Portable Audio/Video Digitization and Data Rescue: PROUD and PRAVDA
Dorothea Salo, UW-Madison
Location: Trillium

Got priceless local history on perishable VHS or audiocassette? How about floppy disks? What about your patrons' family history? Meet PROUD and PRAVDA, two portable shippable kits that expand Wisconsin's ability to save 20th-century media. (PROUD and PRAVDA were made possible by IMLS Sparks! Grant #SP-02-16-0015-16.)
Sponsor: UW-Madison SLIS

Sound Learning: Read-Alongs Enhancing Literacy Development
Sharon Grover, Retired, Janesville;  Jamie Swenson, Author
Location: Stonefield

Picture book read-alongs combine text, illustration, and sound, creating an expanded art form that aids in acquiring visual and print literacy skills. Wisconsin children’s author Jamie Swenson and audiobook literacy consultant Sharon Grover will show how read-alongs encourage fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension and offer suggestions for using read-alongs in library programs and readers’ advisory. In addition, Jamie will demonstrate how her work in library storytime influences the use of language in her picture books.
Sponsor: YSS (Youth Services)

11:00 a.m. – Noon

All Play! Literature Engagement for Public Libraries
Valerie Edwards, Monona Grove High School, Monona; Ashlee Kunkel, Milton Public Library
Location: Frontier

Join Valerie and Ashlee in exploring the literary resources available to support your programming and patron support efforts. is a digital resource containing thousands of tools to guide engagement with Children and Young Adult books and authors. Bring your laptop or mobile device and follow along as we discuss applications for promoting your book collection, guiding parents in selecting books for their children, supplementing programs such as book discussions, and further adding digital components to library programming. Access to is provided via BadgerLink.
Sponsor: DPI (Department of Public Instruction)

Digitizing Local Newspapers for Preservation and Discovery
John Sarnowski, ResCarta Foundation, La Crosse 
Location: Evergreen

Digitization of local newspapers for preservation and discovery requires a balance of file size, standardization and sufficiency of metadata. We know that keeping image data for a long period of time requires that the file format be open and well known, that the total storage size will impact the cost of storage over time, and that the quality of the metadata will determine reuse. In this session, we will examine three current digital newspaper systems to determine how each system provides for Preservation and Discovery.
Sponsor: WIGLHR (Genealogy & Local History)

Genre Fiction Roundup
Kim Boldt, Milwaukee Public Library Villard Square; Amanda Brandt, Hudson Area Joint Library, Hudson; Terry Ehle, Lester Public Library, Two Rivers; Jackie Rammer, Lakeview Community Library, Random Lake; Emily Laws, Cedarburg Public Library; Emily Sanders, Barrett Memorial Library, Williams Bay)
Location: Woodland

Prepare yourself for a fast-paced roundup of the best 2016 and 2017 genre fiction for adults and young adults. Panelists will discuss the genres of urban fiction, horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, and realistic fiction.
Sponsor: READ (Readers)

Library-Community Partnerships: Made In Heaven or Shotgun Marriages?
Kelly Krieg-Sigman, La Crosse Public Library
Location: Trillium

Much has been spoken and written about the critical need for libraries to form partnerships with other libraries and community organizations in order to fulfill their mission. But not all partnerships are created equal and, all too often, the library ends up on the losing end of the deal. This interactive session discusses key components to a successful partnership, and how to ensure that both partnering agencies benefit equally from the partnership.
Sponsor: WAPL (Public Libraries)

On A Mission: Toward Mission-Based Library Programming
Don Litzer, T.B. Scott Free Library, Merrill
Location: Stonefield

In an era where libraries' circulation of things is largely in decline, adult programming is no longer a fringe service--rather, programming is increasingly critical to being relevant in the communities we serve. In this program, you'll explore ways to integrate adult programming with your institution's strategic documents, and discuss how doing so can expand your programming opportunities and optimize their impact.
Sponsor: RASS (Reference & Adult Services) 

The Myth of Work-Life Balance for Library Leaders
Cindy Fesemyer, Columbus Public Library; Jean Anderson, South Central Library System, Madison
Location: Harvest

Can we really have it all? Yes, we DO it all; we prove that every day. Do we do it all perfectly and on-time with a smile on our faces each and every one of those days? No. In this highly interactive session, we’ll explore the idea of giving up on perfect, living with the guilt of missing either a meeting or a family dinner and how to keep that smile on your face through it all.
Sponsors: WAPL (Public Libraries), WISL (Small Libraries)

12:15 - 1:45 p.m.

Luncheon:  Nicolette Warisse Sosulski, Business and Reference Librarian, Portage (MI) District Library
Location: Expo 2 

nicolette desk-1“I laughed. I cried.”
You hear people say this about a movie. You sometimes hear them say it about a book. In 30,000 hours of reference, I have had reference interaction experiences causing me to snork my Coca-Cola (not coke) or fight back tears at what my patrons tell me. I truly believe that today’s reference librarian, completely unlike the bun-headed shusher or factfinder that is so often depicted, may be a social worker, counselor, tutor, instructor, standup comedian, telepath and karaoke participant—all in the same shift. You will hear tales that support this statement and may give insights into patron types that you work with every day.