Program - Friday

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7:00 - 10:00 a.m.

7:30 - 9:00 a.m.
Traditional Breakfast Buffet
Cranberry bread, seasonal fruit, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage, assorted juices, coffee, tea and milk.

8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

10 Tech Trends for Small Libraries
Steev Baker, Kewaskum Public Library

As institutions, we’ve made it through the birth of the internet, an economic recession, the mainstreaming of wi-fi and portable, personal computer devices… but what comes next? It can be sort of scary to be a small, rural library where you might not have the money or the staff expertise to keep up with the pace of change. But we don’t have to be afraid! Libraries are nothing if not adaptable. From apps and tablets to the internet of things, we’ll talk about some of the challenges we’re facing right this very second as we try to keep our skills and services equal to the task of moving at the speed of the digital shift.

Sponsor: Wisconsin Small Libraries Section (WISL)

High Hopes: Teaching Parents to do Early Literacy at Home
Adeline Miller, Oshkosh Public Library; Marie Boleman, Oshkosh Public Library

Integrating early literacy components into library storytimes is great, but helping parents incorporate early literacy activities into their daily routines at home is better! The Oshkosh Public Library will showcase their homegrown High Hopes Early Literacy Storytime program developed to educate, encourage and empower parents to grow their everyday interactions with their children into early literacy building activities. The discussion will include: tips for teaching parents, the outcome measurements process and ideas for community outreach.

Sponsor: Youth Services Section (YSS)

How to Present Action Programs at your Library
Annie Bahringer, W. J. Niederkorn Library, Port Washington

What better way to Ride the Rapids than to actually ride the rapids? Many libraries around the state are offering healthy programs to patrons such as yoga, tai chi, low impact aerobics and other classes to help get patrons moving. But what about the fun stuff we can't do in the library? With this program, you'll get tips on how to present individual outdoor sport programs such as Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, SUP Boarding, Kayaking and preparing for a Triathlon, Marathon or Century! Annie will show you where to go for information, who to ask for help and even how YOU can teach the class! These classes will make a big SPLASH in your community!

Sponsor: Reference and Adult Services Section (RASS)

Scanning the Horizon with the Notable Reports Panel
Jon Mark Bolthouse, Fond du Lac Public Library; Barbara Brattin, Kenosha Public Library; Nick Dimassis, Beloit Public Library; Kelly TerKeurst, Dwight Foster Public Library, Fort Atkinson; Kimberly Young, Brown County Library, Green Bay; Sara Gold, WiLS; Andrea Coffin, WiLS

Each year, a number of new reports about public libraries are produced by organizations like Pew, OCLC, Library Journal, The Aspen Institute and others. These reports contain valuable information that can help us plan, develop services and improve existing services, but, unfortunately, few of us have the time to read every one. The goal of this session is to help attendees get an overview of those reports. Each panelist will share a summary of a report they believe is significant and discuss how they have used or will use the information at their library. Attendees will be encouraged to share other reports that have mattered to them, too!

Sponsor: Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries (WAPL)

Wisconsin Women Making History
Lynne Blinkenberg, Wisconsin Public Television; Karla Strand, UW-Madison

Wisconsin women have shared in the making of history from the centuries of Indian settlement, through subsequent waves of immigration and through all our major social, environmental, political, economic and cultural movements. Wisconsin libraries can help make these histories visible and accessible, drawing on existing local resources and working to supplement missing narratives. Learn more about the building of the Wisconsin Women Making History collection and how your library can join this exceptional effort.

Sponsor: WLA

9:30 - 10:00 a.m.

10:00 - 10:45 a.m.

30 Years of Planning: Revising the Wisconsin Public Library Standards
Denise Anton Wright, Department of Public Instruction; Members of the Wisconsin Public Library Standards Task Force

It has been five years since the last edition of the Wisconsin Public Library Standards was published and libraries have seen significant changes in those five years. During 2015, a complete revision of the Standards will take place. Members of the Standards Task Force will solicit input on topics, concerns and issues that should be addressed with the new edition. Be part of the process and help us continue the tradition of Wisconsin public library excellence.

Sponsor: Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

Beyond the Book: Putting the Community in a Community Read
Emily Passey, Shorewood Public Library; Hayley Johnson, Shorewood Public Library

Community reads come in many shapes and sizes; all have an impact.  Shorewood Reads 2015 ( was undertaken with a goal to go beyond reading to fostering strong connections across our village. Collaboration by a group of librarians, Friends of the Library, teachers, business owners, musicians and artists resulted in a multifaceted event that reflects our community’s interests. We’d like to share our process and outcomes to inspire you to undertake a community read.

Sponsor: WAPL

Local History Collections @ Your Library: Have One? Need One? Got Questions? Get Answers!
Nyama Marsh
, Whitefish Bay Public Library; Susan Braden, Hedberg Public Library, Janesville; Michelle Gobert, Crandon Public Library

Have questions about how to start a local history collection for your library? Or how to spearhead collaboration with other local groups on local history programming? Join library staff who manage their local history collections for a Q&A session. This panel discussion is an interactive session with the goal of sharing ideas and strategies to move forward with your local history collection and programming.

Sponsor: Wisconsin Genealogy and Local History Round Table (WIGLHR)

Navigating a New Model For Lifelong Learning: An Experiment with MOOCs
Stef Morrill, WiLS; Kristina Gomez, Milwaukee Public Library; Jill Miatech, Kenosha Public Library; Joshua Morrill, UW-Madison

When UW-Madison decided to offer a MOOC* about climate change and the Great Lakes, they wanted a strong local connection to encourage participation in the course and to provide an opportunity for people to get together and discuss this important issue and its impact on their local region. And who better to provide this connection than the local public library?? Working with WiLS, 21 public libraries around the state took part in this project by hosting discussion groups, promoting the MOOC and developing partnerships in their community around the topic. This session will share the results of this experiment. Stef will provide background information. Kristina and Jill will discuss their experience with the project, including the local partnerships they developed, other benefits and challenges they encountered. Joshua will share preliminary results about the impact of public library involvement in the project.
*Massive Open Online Course, or, in other words, an online course that is open to the world!

Sponsor: Wisconsin Small Libraries Section (WISL)

hi-res Lichtenheld photoPicture Book Roundtable 
Tom Lichtenheld, Author and Illustrator (handout)

Children's picture books are a vital form of literature and we'll give them their due in this discussion group. Bring picture books you love, hidden gems or any other picture book worthy of pontification. Tom will get the ball rolling by talking about a few of his favorites. (Please note that this session is limited to 25 participants!)

Sponsor: WAPL


11:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

BadgerLink at the Reference Desk
Kara Ripley, Department of Public Instruction

Having trouble answering questions like: Where can I find wiring guides for my truck? Where can I find information on my prescriptions? Where are the ACT practice test books? Find answers to frequently asked question using BadgerLink!

Sponsor: DPI

Care and Feeding for Community Partnerships
Brian Kopetsky, McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids

In today’s library environment, it is more important than ever to take advantage of all the resources available to us. In this session, we will look at ways to utilize our community members, both people and organizations, to extend the library's offerings and expertise. Brian will share his experiences in developing library partnerships with local organizations, businesses and government. He will be taking an open approach to the relationship building process, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly in the hopes that you can avoid some of the challenges that can be found in developing new relationships.

Sponsor: WAPL

Craft Classes for Adults: How to Make it Fun and Successful on a Limited Budget
Annie Bahringer, W. J. Niederkorn Library, Port Washington; Kelly Verheyden, Stoughton Public Library; Sarah Bukrey, Stoughton Public Library

Creating crafts on a budget can be limiting in smaller community libraries, but ever popular with your adult patrons! We will show you some easy, fun craft ideas at low cost and other crafts that require a small, one-time investment; but, with all good investments, your return will be great programming! We will provide lists of "must haves" in the craft closet so that you can put together quick and easy crafts that will guarantee a great turn out!

Sponsor: RASS

Literary Mash Up - Writing Programs for the Elementary Age
Anne Kissinger, Wauwatosa Public Library

Need a new program for the elementary age that strongly supports literacy development, is research based, uses strategies and best practices? Experience a Literary Mash-Up—gain knowledge on writing research, gather resources and ideas, understand why inventive spelling is encouraged, learn peer critiquing with three pluses & a wish, and have a model in place to work from. If you don't like to write...all the more reason to attend!

Sponsor: YSS

Wisconsin and the Digital Public Library of America
Amy Rudersdorf, Digital Public Library of America; Emily Pfotenhauer, WiLS

The Digital Public Library of America is a national digital library of cultural heritage content from across the U.S., fed into the library by Hubs throughout the nation. Representatives from organizations across Wisconsin have begun working towards creating such a Hub in the state. This collaborative work intends to boost the representation of Wisconsin's unique collections in DPLA and provide outreach to Wisconsin's cultural heritage institutions. This panel will share information about DPLA and Wisconsin's next steps for participation.

Sponsor: WIGLHR

11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

AUTHOR LUNCHEON:  Influences, Inspiration and Dumb Luck - inside the brain of a children's book creatorhi-res Lichtenheld photo

Tom Lichtenheld will talk about where book ideas originate, how he brings them to life and what he's learned along the way.

Sponsor:  WAPL


PLEASE NOTE: You must register for the luncheon in advance, no on-site registration for this event is available.