Conference Program

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This conference schedule is provided for your convenience and we attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, please be sure to check the official Program Booklet, available at registration, for the final schedule, speaker list and locations of events. Thank you.


4:00 to 6:00 p.m. WAPL Board Meeting
5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Registration
7 p.m. WAPL Chair’s Reception


7:30 to 9:00 a.m. Continental breakfast
7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration
9:00 to 10:00 a.m. KEYNOTE ADDRESS

Threats and Opportunities:
Copyright and Licensing in the Public Library

Dr. Tomas A. Lipinski, J.D., LL.M. PhD, Professor and Executive Associate Dean, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
The presentation will discuss several concepts in copyright policymaking, review the rights of library staff and patrons, look to recent developments in the change of the law, discuss the impact of licensing on access to information, and the impact on patron privacy raised by reporting and monitoring provisions and third party content providers in the lending of eBooks and the use of services such as OverDrive.

10:00 to 10:30 a.m. BREAK

10:30 - 11:30 am - First Session

Bestselling Romantic Suspense Author Karen Rose
Rooms - Stonefield and Woodland
The WLA READ Section is proud to present RITA Award-Winning Author Karen Rose! She will be making an appearance via Skype to talk about her popular novels and genre and the importance of public libraries in promoting her work. If you are a fan of romantic suspense novels, or just want to learn more about this exciting genre, please come!
Speaker: Karen Rose

Karen Rose is a #1-internationally bestselling author, her books appearing on the New York Times, London Sunday Times, and Germany’s Der Spiegel bestseller lists. A two-time RITA® winner, five of Karen’s other titles have been RITA finalists.
Her thirteenth novel, NO ONE LEFT TO TELL, will be released in June, 2012. Her books have been translated into twenty-one languages. A former chemical engineer and high school teacher, Karen lives in Florida with her family, a dog, and two cats.
Sponsored by READ (Readers)

50 Ways to Serve Job Seekers
Room - Sands
Libraries have all been providing workforce recovery services for several years, and this need will continue. What services is your library already providing to current job seekers? What else could your library offer? Is your community aware of the services available? Who are natural partners in your community to assist you? What does it mean to be a 21st Century job seeker? As part of a nation-wide initiative called "Project Compass," this session will give you the opportunity to reevaluate and repackage your library services for job seekers. You will go back to your library with new perspectives and energy for providing workforce recovery services for your library patrons!
Speakers: Marie Boleman, Director, Westfield Public Library; Bridget Christenson, Director, Hatch Public Library; Jamie Matczak, Continuing Education Coordinator, Nicolet Federated Library System
Sponsored by DPI

Books Build Better Brains: Libraries and Clinics Collaborate on Early Literacy Promotion
Room - Frontier
Health care providers in Wisconsin are increasingly incorporating advice about reading into their routine pediatric checkups. Learn basic concepts of early brain and child development which relate to the mission of public libraries. Learn how libraries can partner with clinics and hospitals to promote reading at early ages and draw families into libraries. A mixed format will allow for the presentation of innovative projects as well as attendees brainstorming and sharing of new engagement ideas.
Speakers: Dipesh Navsaria, MPH, MSLIS, MD; Ruth Sias, MLS
Sponsored by OSRT, WAPL, YSS

Exploration Station
Room - Spruce
Exploration Station is a curriculum based program offered by the Appleton Public Library that pairs children and caregivers together as a team to explore lab activities in literature, math, science and writing each week. The class helps strengthen fine & gross motor skills, observation practices, basic math principles and early literacy skills for children ages three to six. This session will overview the curriculum and other ways to introduce lab activities to your library’s programming.
Speaker: Ashley Thiem-Menning
Sponsored by YSS

Adding local content to the Wisconsin Digital Download Center in OverDrive
Room - Trillium
Did you know that you can add non-copyrighted content to the Wisconsin Digital Library collection through OverDrive? This includes local authors, videos, oral history recordings-- you're only limited by your imagination (and digital rights and technology). The discovery records for these materials are integrated into the rest of the popular collection, making them very accessible. Come to this session to help develop a plan for building a statewide collection using local resources.
Speaker: Jane Richard
Sponsored by WLA Office

One Help Desk for All
Room - Harvest
Shrinking budgets? Smaller staff? Struggling to find ways to do more with less? Adult Services Coordinator Chris Hamburg and Youth Services Coordinator Terry Ehle discuss their library's experience rethinking, redesigning and combining the youth reference and adult reference desks into a single point of service. Pros, cons, scheduling, training, construction, budget, public response - come learn from our experiences.
Speakers: Terry Ehle; Chris Hamburg
Sponsored by RASS

11:45 - 1:30 pm - Luncheon Address

Retiring Guy’s Library Road Trip: Drivers Wanted!
Paul Nelson, Adjunct Assistant Professor at UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies.
Paul will talk about how his Retiring Guy’s Digest blog came about and how its content has developed since 2008.

1:30 - 2:30 pm - Second Session

Making the Most of Donor Dollars: When the Municipal Budget Isn't Enough
Room - Frontier
Wisconsin laws permit a variety of options for managing funds designated for the benefit of a public library. Which of these could work for your library within the confines of local custom and municipal financial oversight, while giving you control over the expenditure of the proceeds? How do you maneuver and negotiate these waters with your board, elected leaders and local philanthropists? How do you make your library ready for a big bequest? Learn from an experienced foundation advisor and a library director with both a foundation and a trust in a discussion moderated by a library board trustee.
Speakers: Victor Schultz, M&I Wealth Management of BMO Financial Group, formerly in private practice advising clients on creating trusts and foundations; Paula Kiely, Director, Milwaukee Public Library; Sharon Cook, Trustee, Milwaukee Public Library, and member of the Not-for-Profit Team at M&I Institutional Trust Services
Sponsored by WLA Foundation

Technology with Kids and Teens
Room – Sands
Join us for a panel discussion of how to integrate technology into your youth services programming, readers advisory, and literacy services for preschoolers to teens. Ideas to be shared include laptop labs, flash animation, music creation, iPads in storytime, and much more.
Speakers: Ashley Bieber; Shannon Barniskis; TBA; TBA
Sponsored by YSS

A Rose is a Rose.... is not always an eRose: Collecting Digital Content
Room – Spruce
Collecting digital content is similar, but different than collecting traditional paper books, as not all born-paper material translates well into digital, and born-digital material may be more difficult to sniff out using the usual tools. Learn about some of the reliable resources out there that will help you evaluate materials. We'll also look at the new WPC collection development policy for the OverDrive Digital Library.
Speaker: Sara Gold, TBD
Sponsored by WLA Office

2012 Revision of the Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Guidelines
Room – Harvest
Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning along with RSRT of WLA led discussions at conferences throughout Wisconsin in 2011. These discussions, along with surveys of the library community, have informed the revised document prepared by the State ILL Guidelines Working Group. The final draft will be presented and the panel will field questions/comments.
Speakers: Maureen Welch; Angela Milock; Chris Hamburg; Martha Borninger
Sponsored by RSRT

Have you Heard?
Rooms – Stonefield & Woodland
Information overload happens to librarians too! Wondering what great new websites you may have missed? Join us for a look at some helpful and fun sites that you may not have heard of yet.
Speakers: Tasha Saecker; Beth Carpenter; Joy Schwarz; Stef Morrill
Sponsored by MATS

African American Body Image in Children and Young Adult Publishing
Room – Trillium
Children and young adult literature in the US is a Eurocentric business that overlooks non-white ethnicities. In the recent past the publishing industry has begun to produce materials for African American children and young adults that is relevant to today’s society and the issues facing these children and young adults. A piece of written work, whether a picture book,novel, or anything in-between, for children and young adults will only be relevant if it addresses the issues that young African Americans are facing today. African American children and young adults are facing body images issues just as all other ethnicities are. In the US there is a main focus on “fat lit” of literature about the obese white American child. African American children and young adults face this same body image issue, but also two others. The body image issues of skin tone and hair type are often overlooked. Taking a closer look at what literature is producing in regards to these issues allows non-African Americans to get an insider’s view and gain knowledge on what other ethnicities in the US are facing every day.
Speaker: Amanda Burns
Sponsored by WAPL

2:45 – 3:45 pm – Third Session

Notable Books Marathon 2012
Rooms – Stonefield & Woodland
The Notable Books Marathon 2012 features librarians from all over Wisconsin talking about their favorite book genres. This year, we have a wide variety of genres to cover, including Romance, Political Thrillers, Humor, Scandinavian Mysteries, and Zombie Fiction. It should be an exciting and fun discussion for all who attend!
(Note: we have 5 speakers for this session. In addition to those listed, we will also include Kristin Pekoll, Young Adult Librarian at West Bend Community Memorial Library.)
Speakers: Lois Gilbert, Branch Manager, La Crosse Public Library; Rhonda Kasemodel Gould, Youth Services and Special Needs Consultant at Lakeshores Library System; Jane Jorgenson, Madison Public Library; Gary Niebuhr, Director, Greenfield Public Library
Sponsored by READ (Readers)

All The World’s A Stage, or, Are you ready for Prime Time?
Room – Frontier
Next to death and performance evaluations, nothing can strike terror faster into the hearts of many working adults that the words, “I need you to give a speech.” Increasingly, this is becoming a critical skill in our industry and yet, for many of us, one for which we have received precious little preparation or training. This program is designed to help address that deficiency. Participants will identify the essential elements of effective presentation and have an opportunity to practice some of those elements. Special guests will include William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln.
Speaker: Kelly Krieg-Sigman
Sponsored by WISL

RA on a Budget
Room – Sands
The objective of this program will be to learn how to provide major RA bang for minor budget bucks by working Readers Advisory into existing library services and learning new techniques for maximizing RA knowledge and services in an era of minimized resources.
Speaker: Sarah Statz Cords

Sarah Statz Cords has worked as a librarian at Madison Public Library and UW-Madison, and has taught a course on the Reading Interests of Adults at the UW-Madison School of Information Studies. She is the author of the readers’ guides The Real Story: A Guide to Nonfiction Reading Interests, The Inside Scoop: A Guide to Investigative Nonfiction Writing and Expos?s, and Now Read This III, about mainstream and literary fiction, with Nancy Pearl. She is an editor with the Reader’s Advisor Online database and blog and writes the nonfiction literary blog CITIZEN READER.
Sponsored by READ (Readers)

Using the 2010 Census to Improve Services to Immigrants
Room – Spruce
Using the 2010 Census data, libraries can make the case for increasing and/or improving services to the immigrant population in their communities. Information such as where the immigrants come from and average age will help determine the content of any foreign language collection and any programming that is done for the immigrant communities.
Speakers: Rene Bue; TBD--someone from the UW-Madison Applied Population Lab
Sponsored by OSRT & EMIERT

Easy and Fun Crafts to do with Adults
Room – Trillium
Adult patrons love crafts as much as the kids. In this presentation, I will show you some easy crafts you can do with your adult patrons. Anyone can do it! And your patrons can take something creative home with the satisfaction that they made it! Why should the kids get all the fun?
Speaker: Annie Bahringer
Sponsored by WAPL

Hungry to Read or Just Plain Hungry?
Room – Harvest
As every community’s most trusted partners, librarians are increasingly asked for resources to meet basic human needs, including food. Representatives from Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern WI are back to host their popular interactive session, sharing strategies to team up with local non-profits and provide comprehensive customer service to easily help patrons in these tough times. Topics include: effective outreach practices in library settings; FoodShare myths, facts and benefits; and, the ACCESS online application web-tool.
Speakers: Gina Wilson; Laura Wichert
Sponsored by OSRT


9:00 to 10:15 – Fourth Session

Stealth Programming: Success in Challenging Budget Times
Room – Sands
What do Summer Reading Programs, DIY stations of monthly thematic activities, 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, Cookie Club and Boredom Busters have in common? They are all "Stealth Programs" - non-traditional programs that take some initial planning but then take relatively little staff time and money - and bring in lots of families again and again to the library. Join our panel and discover ways to get outside the programming box to create vital initiatives that can complement more traditional programs and are easy on your budget and staff time.
Speakers: Marge Loch-Wouters, La Crosse Public Library; Amanda Struckmeyer, Middleton Public Library; TBD
Sponsored by YSS

Productivity Idea Exchange
Room – Harvest
Ever feel like time is getting shorter while your to-do list just keeps getting longer? You aren't alone! We're all trying to find ways to make our time more productive.
This session is your chance to get some new ideas for organization and productivity while sharing ideas of your own. Whether you're a"Getting Things Done" groupie, a "Seven Habits" supporter, have discovered your own perfect system, or just trying to find a way to get more organized, you'll have a chance to share and maybe get that perfect tip you've been looking for!
Speakers: Stef Morrill; Angela Milock
Sponsored by WAPL

Tough Talks in Tough Times: What Librarians Need to Know to Communicate Change, Motivate Employees & Stay Sane
Room – Stonefield & Woodland
Funding cuts. Branches closing. Service reductions. Employee layoffs. These are issues that weigh heavily on the minds of librarians. They cause you to lose sleep, age more quickly, and feel helpless. This isn’t what you signed up for when you chose your career in library science. But these are issues you face, especially in this economy. Tough Talks in Tough Times addresses the most challenging part of your job: communicating bad news about change, motivating employees, and keeping your sanity.In this session, you will learn a 5 step process (the CHECK® system) to handle difficult discussions with integrity and respect. It’s a system that works at the library as well as
in your personal life.
Speaker: Jean Palmer-Heck
Sponsored by WLA Office

Implementing Workflow Management Initiatives
Room – Spruce
This program will serve as a basic introduction to workflow management. The program will guide participants through the management of process change from the recognition of a problem to the feedback stages of implementation. Participants will be given strategies for dealing with the negative aspects of change including how to deal with difficult employees and how to present successful change proposals. Detailed strategies for conducting process studies and implementing new processes will be presented.
Speaker: Rebecca Lemons
Sponsored by WAPL

Attending International Book Fairs…for Free or Almost Free
Room – Trillium
Do you want to improve your Spanish collection but you don’t know where to begin? Would you like to attend international book fairs to meet with Spanish language distributors and publishers? Is your library’s conference budget so small that you don’t think you could ever attend an international conference? Come learn how you can attend the LIBER and FIL books fairs in Spain and Mexico at little or no cost to your library.
Speaker: Rene Bue
Sponsored by OSRT & EMIERT

Women, Financial Literacy and Retirement Savings
Room – Frontier
Women as a group save less money for retirement than men due to their shorter work careers, lower earnings and investment choices. At all ages, women save less than men. Margery Katz, MA, JD, a specialized librarian with the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds will highlight findings from a financial literacy study and discuss useful resources relating to women, financial literacy and retirement.
Speaker: Margery Katz
Sponsored by GIRT

10:30 to 11:45 am – Fifth Session

It’s a Swap! Elementary Aged Programming Swap
Room – Frontier
Have you done something wonderful for your school aged patrons that you want to share? Or maybe you are fresh out of fresh ideas? Come together and swap to help others and help yourself offer the very best in programming to young patrons!
Speaker: Dawn Wacek, moderator TBD
Sponsored by YSS

Staff Sourcing for Digitization
Room – Trillium
A session detailing the outsourcing of metadata creation for digitization to reference staff members at the Milwaukee Public Library in order to expedite the creation of digital collections.
Speaker: Rose Fortier
Sponsored by MATS

The Wisconsin Library User (and Non-User): Outcomes of a Third Statewide Survey (2003-2012)
Room – Stonefield & Woodland
The following presents outcomes of a survey conducted in February 2012 across the state to assess library users and non-users. This is a study that is (and has been) funded by WPLC and WLA. This is a study that has been conducted in 2003 and 2007 across the state, and this presentation presents the latest methods and results. Additionally, trends and findings will be discussed with an eye toward understanding the use and implications of this data.
Speaker: Joshua H. Morrill, PhD
Sponsored by WAPL

Taking Your Summer Library Program on the Road
Room – Spruce
There may be many children who do not participate in your summer library program because their parents work or do not have transportation to get them to the library. Learn how you can take your SLP to them by offering outreach to providers and schools.
Speakers: Ashley Thiem-Menning; Ellen Jepson
Sponsored by OSRT, EMIERT & YSS

Library as Incubator
Room – Harvest
In this program, The Library as Incubator Project team will introduce participants to the idea of the hackspace or makerspace, and how the idea can be incorporated into library programming in many different funding landscapes. We'll profile some of the libraries that have launched makerspace initiatives, the process they went through, and the pros and cons of different makerspace models for the public library. We'll also share practical planning tips for how to launch a makerspace at your own library, and share the practical kits and resources available on the Library as Incubator Project website for free, and quick ideas for how to put them to work for you!
Speakers: Erinn Batykefer; Laura Damon-Moore; Christina Endres
Sponsored by MATS, OSRT & NMRT

Keeping the Fun in Fundraising
Room – Sands
A follow up to “Putting the fun in fundraising”, Diana Skalitzky from the Marshall library will bring back the power point, props and unusual fund raising ideas. New this year: wine, golf balls and anal glands. On a lighter note, Michelle Dennis from Hedberg PL will update you on the recent “Murder in the Stacks” at her library.
Speakers: Michelle Dennis; Diana Skalitzky
Sponsored by WISL

12:00 - 1:30 pm - Luncheon Address

Share the Driving…A View from the Passenger’s Seat
Michael Bahr, Project Manager at Plunkett Raysich Architects.
Libraries impact users every day. We just may not realize it. Michael will share both his observations of this and stories gathered from the “trenches”.