WAAL Information Literacy Committee

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Committee Members


Principal Functions

  1. Support library instruction programs in academic libraries throughout the state by facilitating the sharing of information, techniques, and materials.
  2. Facilitate the implementation of information literacy standards into academic library instruction programs and college curriculums throughout the state.

Specific Activities

  1. Provide access to "Information Literacy Competencies and Criteria for Academic Libraries in Wisconsin" and ACRL's "Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education" as well as other information literacy resources by publishing a web site in coordination with the WAAL Publications Committee.
  2. Provide academic librarians with learning opportunities and materials which will support the incorporation of information literacy into library instruction programs and the university curriculum.
  3. Maintain a liaison with professional associations in Wisconsin, such as the Department of Public Instruction, the Wisconsin Association of School Librarians, and the Wisconsin Educational Media Association who are concerned with K-12 information literacy standards.
  4. Maintain a liaison with other WLA sections and committees involved in information literacy.
  5. Work with the WAAL and WLA Conference Planning Committees to suggest and promote information literacy programs at conferences.
  6. Announce and/or promote Information Literacy Award, collect and review submissions, select winner, and present award. 

Information Literacy Resources


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WAAL Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, February 5, 2010
WLA Office
4610 South Biltmore Lane, Suite 100
Madison, WI 53718-2153

I. Call to Order
Present: Dennis Unterholzner (Chair), Lisa Viezbicke (Chair Elect), Louise Diodato (Past Chair), Laurie Swartwout (ACRL Liaison), Kathy Myers (Member-at-Large), Emily Rogers (Secretary), Ane Carriveau (Conference Planning), Anne Rauh (Conference Planning), Teresa Grimm (Directory), Steven Baumgart (Information Literacy), Sheila Stoeckel (Professional Development), Ulrike Dieterle (Membership)

Absent: Peter Gilbert (Publication), Michele McKnelly (Legislative Liaison)

The chair called the meeting to order at 9:30am. 
II. Approval of minutes from October 9, 2009 meeting
Chair Unterholzner moved to approve the meeting minutes.   The minutes were approved unanimously without additions. 

III. Reports of the officers

A. Chair  -  Dennis Unterholzner
a. Welcome.
b. No report. 
c. Additions to agenda under New Business regarding WeLead and Nominations Committee. 

B. Vice-Chair/Chair Elect  -  Lisa Viezbicke
a. No report.

C. Past Chair  -  Louise Diodato
a. Need to think of location for WAAL 2013.  It should be in Madison or nearby.

D. ACRL Liaison  -  Laurie Swartwout
a. Attended ALA Midwinter and Q&A session for ACRL Presidential candidates.
b. Suggested implementing a “goal” planning form similar to one used by ACRL to assist with end of year reports.
c. Still seeking increase to current $1 WI ACRL member as well as rolling unused funds over.

E. Member-at-Large  -  Kathy Myers
a. WLA Board is working on a Literacy Travel Guide as well as Health Literacy Initiative. 
b. WLA has implemented a cancellation policy for Conferences.  This new policy is included on the registration form for WAAL (distributed at meeting).

IV. Committee Updates

A. WAAL Conference 2010  -  Ane Carriveau and Anne Rauh
a. The Conference has a full schedule of programs and speakers, including Keynote, as well as events planned.  There will be a tour of Lakefront Brewery and a reception at the new UWM Learning Commons. 

b. Committee is concerned about Conference budget due to catering requirements with hotel.  It was proposed that fees for the conference be raised.  After much discussion, a motion was made by Dieterle to raise the following fees:

Members full conference advance, $95
Members full conference on-site, $125                
Members individual days advance, $75
Members individual days on-site, $100
Non-members full conference advance, $150
Non-members full conference on-site, $175                      
Non-members individual days advance, $100
Non-members individual days on-site, $125

Motion was seconded and passed unanimously. 

c. The Committee would like to subsidize the Business meeting breakfast.  A motion was made by Diodato to charge $10 to attendees and WAAL will subsidize remaining amount per person.  Motion was seconded and passed unanimously. 
d. Suggestions were made to drop ham from turkey and ham wrap on Wednesday and to get clarification on vegetarian options.
e. Unterholzner would like to be copied on Conference Planning e-mails.  He will also need a suite for a reception at the Conference.
f. New cancellation policy has been added to registration form. 

B. Directory  -  Teresa Grimm
a. Grimm is coordinating the Designated Contacts list.  In the past the designated contacts from UW Madison would cover several libraries. Grimm is working with Madison to find additional designated contacts to make it more convenient for the designated contacts to communicate with their group.   Edward Van Gemert is helping compile a list of possible designated contacts that Grimm will contact.  Letters were sent to current designated contacts to remind them of duties. 
b. Grimm will wait a few more weeks for any changes/additions to Designated Contact list before putting it online. 

C. Information Literacy  -  Steven Baumgart
a. Committee is looking at new ways of structuring applications.  They would like to use WAAL proposals as nomination pool rather than ask for applications.  Based on proposals, they will solicit groups for further information to determine winner.  Committee will need to work with Conference Planning committee to ensure timing will work for both groups.  Discussion ensued regarding what award winners should receive, especially in cases when teams win the award.  Diodato made a motion that award winners should receive one free WAAL Conference registration to use as they wish, a free luncheon for up to 5 people, and printed certificates for each member of the team.  Motion was seconded and approved unanimously.  

D. Nominations  -  Vacant
a. No report.

E. Professional Development  -  Sheila Stoeckel
a. Stoeckel recently accepted this position. Although the group is slightly behind in sending out notices for scholarship applications, she will be coordinating this shortly.  Having electronic submissions should speed up the process and allow the committee to still provide scholarships for WAAL 2010.

F. Communications  -  Peter Gilbert (absent)
a. Although Gilbert was not able to attend, he did e-mail an update regarding Communicatons.  The Winter 2010 newsletter is now available.  Gilbert also reminded the board to submit articles for the next newsletter.
b. A WLA committee has been formed to look at revisions to the WLA website to help make information consistent across units.  There will be more to come on this topic. 

G. Membership  -  Ulrike Dieterle
a. We currently have 454 members in WAAL.  There are 144 memberships that have not been renewed between November 1, 2009-February 1, 2010.   Renewal reminders are being sent. 

H. Legislative Liaison  -  Michele McKnelly (absent)
a. No Report.

V. Old Business

A. Waal Brochure
a. Unterholzner will follow up with Gilbert on the status of the WAAL brochure. 
b. Lisa Strand provided an update to the UW-Milwaukee SOIS membership drive.  As of yet, there were no new members and most of our brochures were returned back to the group. 

VI. New Business

A. Contributions to WeLead
a. Lisa Stand joined the group to ask WAAL for their support and a $500 yearly contribution for the WeLead program.  Swartwout made a motion to commit funds for 3 years to support WeLead.  Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.  

B. Chair Nominations Committee
a. The Board is still looking for a Chair for the Nominations Committee.  There was a brief discuss regarding possible chairs. 
b. The Board also discussed terms of various board positions and ways to restructure terms to provide for more efficient work by the Nominations committee.  Carriveau made a motion to ask that the current ACRL Liaison, Swartwout, remain in her position for an additional year.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.  A second motion was made by Diodato to change the Secretary to a 2 year term rather than one year.  The motion was also seconded and passed unanimously.  Rogers agreed to continue in this position for an additional year to make the current Secretary a two year term.    

VII. Adjourned at Noon. 

The next WAAL board meeting is April 20, 2010 in Milwaukee.
Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Emily Rogers, Secretary.

WAAL Information Literacy Award

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In a complex and rapidly changing environment, higher education must help students to become information literate. Information literacy enables students to recognize the value of information and use it to make informed choices in their personal, professional and academic lives. An information literate student effectively accesses, evaluates, organizes, synthesizes and applies information from a variety of sources and formats in a variety of contexts. Information literacy requires an ongoing involvement in learning and in evaluating information so that life long learning is possible.  

Information Literacy Competencies and Criteria for Academic Libraries in Wisconsin



Information Literacy Award


The WAAL Information Literacy Committee is very pleased to announce the team of Rita Mitchell and Beth Bretl of Cardinal Stritch University as the 2011 winners of the WAAL Information Literacy Award.  Rita is the Information Literacy Librarian and Beth is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of English.  Their program "Librarian and Faculty Partnerships: Embedding Librarians in English Courses to Improve Information Literacy Skills and Writing Skills" was chosen as the eighth annual award winner due to its strong levels of collaboration, well-defined outcomes, and high adaptability to other institutions and contexts.

Their pilot program paired a librarian with a faculty member to assist students in English 102, a core writing and research course.  Rita and Beth collaborated in a fully online English 102 course.  Rita was embedded in the course via the learning management system. Library instruction was delivered using video conferencing software, live chat, handouts and discussion forums. The intended outcome of the partnership was to develop student-librarian relationships outside of the library and improve students' writing and information literacy skills.

Assessment of the partnership was conducted through both student and faculty surveys.

 Please look for their presentation at the 2011 WAAL Conference in Stevens Point.

Congratulations to Rita and Beth!

Information Literacy Committee

Steven Baumgart, UW-Madison (chair)

Erika Behling, UW-Parkside

Renee Ettinger, UW – Green Bay

Lisa Killips, UW – Richland

Rebecca Payne, UW-Madison

Cynthia Bachhuber, Globe University

Click HERE to view past winners


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WAAL Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
WAAL Conference
Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, Monet Room
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I. Call to Order

Present: Steven Baumgart (Information Literacy), Ane Carriveau (Conference Planning), Louise Diodato (Past Chair), Peter Gilbert (Communications), Kathy Myers (Member-at-Large), Anne Rauh (Conference Planning), Emily Rogers (Secretary), Lisa Strand (WLA), Sheila Stoeckel (Professional Development), Laurie Swartwout (ACRL Liaison), Dennis Unterholzner (Chair), Lisa Viezbicke (Chair Elect),

Absent: Ulrike Dieterle (Membership), Julie Fricke (Nominations), Teresa Grimm (Directory), Michele McKnelly (Legislative Liaison)

Chair Unterholzner called the meeting to order at 7:15pm.
II. Approval of minutes from February 19, 2009 meeting

Gilbert reminded the Board that the Publications Committee should be changed to Communications Committee.  Diodato’s name was misspelled in previous documents. 
Unterholzner moved to approve the meeting minutes from February.  The minutes were approved.

III. Reports of the officers

A. Chair  -  Dennis Unterholzner

a. Unterholzner asked if there were any additional items to be addressed in the Welcoming Comments for the WAAL 2010 Conference.  None were offered.

B. Vice-Chair/Chair Elect  -  Lisa Viezbicke

a. Viezbicke will be participating in the Unit Advisory Council. Discussions will continue on changes to units. 
b. Anne Rauh has agreed to be co-chair for WAAL Conference 2011.  We are still searching for an additional co-chair.     

C. Past Chair  -  Louise Diodato

a. Diodato gave an update on the SOIS Reception this spring in Milwaukee.  The focus of event was on new students rather than current students.  One free WLA membership was given out at the event.  We would like to continue our participation in it. Diodato suggested finding a Milwaukee member who could oversee this event for us as it is time consuming.    

D. ACRL Liaison  -  Laurie Swartwout

a. ACRL has not met since our last meeting.  Swartwout will give the WAAL report for 2009 at the summer meeting.  She will also be at ALA in DC this summer.

E. Member-at-Large  -  Kathy Myers

a. Myers provided a handout summary of the WLA Web Advisory Committee report. 
b. The Unit Advisory Council is continuing to look at restructure.
c. There have been 2 WLA Board meetings.  Topics discussed include:

i. Unity Advisory Council has established goals to advertise membership and focus on advocacy. 
ii. Bernie Bellin is the WLA Conference 2011 Chair. 
iii. There were 140 people registered for Library Legislative Day.
iv. Report of WLA Investment Performance by M&I Wealth Management.
v. MemberClicks released an update which has caused a number of problems for users.  Strand is investigating other options. 
vi. WeLead is planning a leadership pre-conference for WLA 2010 Conference.
vii. WLA Foundation is creating a new website.
viii. There was a discussion about yearly versus anniversary membership dues as well as adding an option to purchase a lifetime membership.
ix. Board is reviewing Strategic Planning and Membership Survey. 

IV. Committee Updates

A. WAAL Conference 2010  -  Ane Carriveau and Anne Rauh

a. As of the meeting there were 205 paid registrations.  Emerald donated some bags as well as lanyards, pens, highlighters, and books.  Lunch registration was down from expected numbers.  The Committee shortened the length of sessions this year.  It is expected that the conference should break even. 

B. Directory  -  Teresa Grimm (absent)

a. Grimm provided an update on Designated Contacts.  Madison has divided their campus libraries to help take the burden off one individual for the entire campus. 

b. Board discussed how to move forward with Designated Contacts since Grimm indicated it was difficult to find someone for each library.  Grimm also said some Contacts are hesitant to do all of the assigned responsibilities.  It was suggested to add an incentive for being a Designated Contact such as an event at a conference, or to develop a packet to help Designated Contacts with responsibilities such as promoting WAAL.  Is this something Membership and Communications committees could work on together? 

C. Information Literacy  -  Steven Baumgart

a. The Information Literacy Committee is working on making the nomination and award process easier.  They are establishing new criteria for the award to make it more competitive.  It is hoped that the nominations could be connected to the WAAL conference proposals.  The Info Lit Committee would review proposals and looks to award based on proposals.  The Committee would solicit additional information for “nominations”.  Info Lit would need to work with the Conference Planning committee to ensure a feasible timeline can be established.  Proposals would be evaluated on innovativeness, collaboration, generalization, assessment, and promotion of library services. 

b. Baumgart also discussed the need for a central location for documentation to be stored and shared.  Strand will create a space in MemberClicks for the committee to test sharing documents.    

D. Nominations  -  Julie Fricke (absent)

Vice Chair/Chair Elect - Ane Carriveau (Ripon College)
Member at Large - Heather Weltin (UW-Madison)

a. Fricke has been appointed as Nominations chair.  Unterholzner will send her the ballot template. 

E. Professional Development  -  Sheila Stoeckel

a. Stoeckel reported that we have 4 scholarship awards: two undergraduates and two graduates.  There were no applicants for the paraprofessional scholarship.  Stoeckel coordinated mentors for the scholarship winners.  Each recipient will provide a write up of their experience for the WAAL newsletter.

F. Communications  -  Peter Gilbert

a. Gilbert thanked his Committee members for all their hard work.  They are looking at revisions to the WAAL website.  Consideration is being given to hiring a firm to design the website. 

b. Deadline for newsletter submissions is May 14. 

G. Membership  -  Ulrike Dieterle (absent)

a. No update at this time. 

H. Legislative Liaison  -  Michele McKnelly (absent)

a. There is a meeting scheduled in May to talk with Governor’s Office on keeping/adding Library items to the budget.  Also meeting with DOA and participating in Library Alliance meeting. 

V. Old Business

a. None. 

VI. New Business

Joint WAAL and WAPL Conference

a. Strand introduced idea of having a joint WAAL/WAPL Conference next spring.  Because of contracts already in place, any joint conference would not take place until 2012.  Concerns about retaining identity and joint conference being too much like WLA were raised.  Would it be hard to find venues large enough to accommodate the group?  The positive outcomes for joining conferences would mean shared costs on speakers as well as location and food.  Strand was discussing idea with WAPL later in April but they initially seemed interested.  WAAL Board would solicit feedback from members at WAAL Business meeting. 

b. It was also suggested that we could consider partnering with WEMTA on a conference since we have similar focuses. 

VII. Adjournment

a. Chair Unterholzner moved to adjourn meeting at 8:50pm. 

WAAL Board Meeting
Agenda 4/20/10