WAAL Information Literacy Committee

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Committee Members


Principal Functions

  1. Support library instruction programs in academic libraries throughout the state by facilitating the sharing of information, techniques, and materials.
  2. Facilitate the implementation of information literacy standards into academic library instruction programs and college curriculums throughout the state.

Specific Activities

  1. Provide access to "Information Literacy Competencies and Criteria for Academic Libraries in Wisconsin" and ACRL's "Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education" as well as other information literacy resources by publishing a web site in coordination with the WAAL Publications Committee.
  2. Provide academic librarians with learning opportunities and materials which will support the incorporation of information literacy into library instruction programs and the university curriculum.
  3. Maintain a liaison with professional associations in Wisconsin, such as the Department of Public Instruction, the Wisconsin Association of School Librarians, and the Wisconsin Educational Media Association who are concerned with K-12 information literacy standards.
  4. Maintain a liaison with other WLA sections and committees involved in information literacy.
  5. Work with the WAAL and WLA Conference Planning Committees to suggest and promote information literacy programs at conferences.
  6. Announce and/or promote Information Literacy Award, collect and review submissions, select winner, and present award. 

Information Literacy Resources