The Bibliography: Last Things First

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Name: Linda Piele
Title: Instruction Coordinator
Institution: UW-Parkside
Street Address: 900 Wood Road
City/State/Zip: Kenosha, WI 53141-2000
Phone: 414-595-2642
Fax: 414-595-2545

Title of practice or implementation method: The bibliography: last things first

Primary audience: Undergraduate students, any discipline, who are starting research papers

Describe the practice:

This exercise is used to initiate a BI session. It should take the first 15-20 minutes. The relationship between the quality of a bibliography and the quality of a research paper is stressed. (Faculty may look at the bibliography first, etc.). Two bibliographies are distributed to the class. Students are asked to form pairs to evaluate them in terms of their quality and appropriateness for a research project. They are also asked to propose a title for each published work. Pairs are given 5-7 minutes to work: group discussion follows.

Competencies addressed through this practice:
6. Critically evaluate the information retrieved.

But also,
2. Identify and select appropriate information sources.
4. Interpret and analyze search results and select relevant sources.

Supporting materials/resources used and their format:

Handouts: two published bibliographies, selected from the subject area of the class, titles and other identifying information removed.

Special requirements to use these resources: No

References consulted:
Gradowski, Gail, Loanne Snavely, and Paula Dempsey (Eds.). Designs for Active Learning: A Sourcebook of Classroom Strategies for Information Education. Chicago : Association of College & Research Libraries, 1998. This exercise is adapted (copied??) from "The Bibliography: the Tail that Wags Your Paper," contributed by Patricia Gray, Middlebury College, Vermont.