Job Hunting on the Internet

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Name: Barbara Lazewski
Title: Information Services Librarian
Institution: Steenbock Library, UW-Madison
Street Address: 550 Babcock Drive
City/State/Zip: Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-263-3899
Fax: 608-263-3221

Title of practice or implementation method: Job Hunting on the Internet HTML Slide Show

Primary audience: upper level undergraduates
Secondary audience: any job-seeker

Describe the practice:

This is a web-based slide show used in an interactive presentation style during a typical 50 minute class. It has been integrated into classes for two departments and is also offered as a drop-in workshop. Students click to each slide and view the screen as the librarian makes comments and provides additional information. Slides are organized by topic: resources, resumes, job databases, online newspaper/magazine listings, internships/summer jobs, discussion lists, organizations, researching employers, and non-advertised jobs. Each slide contains links to related resources. The students are asked to go to one of the web sites included on the slide. Once at the site, the librarian gives an overview. The student is then given a few minutes to explore the site individually, using terms appropriate to their interest. They may also go back to the same slide and choose another of the links. When ready for the next topic, students are asked to click the home page button that is set to the table of topics for the session. (see at right) Everyone is quickly ready to proceed and repeat the pattern of listening, then exploring. Students seem to enjoy this technique because they are involved and can locate information related to their interests.

The goal of the presentation is to instruct students in information retrieval skills while providing them useful information about job-related resources. The session complements the campus career advising services by increasing their visibility. Advising staff were consulted and were very helpful in making suggestions on sites and information to include. One point stressed throughout the session is that a combination of approaches, both traditional and online, will produce more successful results. The session gives the student a better understanding of the variety available.

Competencies addressed through this practice:
1. Identify and articulate needs which require information solutions.
2. Identify and select appropriate information sources.
3. Formulate and efficiently execute search queries appropriate for the information resource.
4. Interpret and analyze search results and select relevant sources.
6. Critically evaluate the information retrieved.

Supporting materials/resources used and their format:

Slideshow is available at: 1jobs.htm

Handout version available at:

Special requirements to use these resources: no

References consulted: See handout at url above.