Ethical Issues Addressed In a Web-Based Tutorial

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 Name: Nancy Steinhoff  Name: Stefan Smith
 Title: Instruction Librarian  Title: Outreach Librarian
 Institution: Murphy Library,UW-LaCrosse  Institution: Murphy Library, UW-LaCrosse
 Street Address: 1631 Pine St.  Street Address: 1631 Pine St.
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Title of practice or implementation method: Ethical Issues Addressed in a Web-Based Library Tutorial

Primary audience: Students in a Freshman Year Seminar
Secondary audience: Other beginning students

Describe the practice:

An interactive tutorial introduces students to basic ethical issues encountered when accessing information. Students proceed through a series of screens dealing with evaluation of information, plagiarism and the citing of sources, and copyright.

Competencies addressed through this practice:
6. Critically evaluate the information retrieved.
10. Understand public policy and the ethical issues affecting the access and use of information.

Supporting materials/resources used and their format:

Module 6, Information Success Tutorial

Special requirements to use these resources: A computer with internet access.

References consulted:
Inspiration for this in part came from Kathy Schmidt, who developed a handout titled Critical Evaluation of Web Pages, She consulted Tate, Marsha, and Jan Alexander. "Teaching Critical Evaluation Skills for World Wide Web Resources." Computers in Libraries 16:10 (Nov/Dec 1996) 49-55 as well as other internet resources.