Best Practice Examples

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This is a collection of classroom techniques, exercises and tutorials submitted to the WAAL Information Literacy Committee. This collection is intended to illustrate 1) the variety of ideas or areas the term "best practice" can include and 2) how the WAAL Information Literacy Competencies correspond to library teaching/learning experiences. Select a competency below to view a related best practice.

The Committee wishes to sincerely thank everyone who has made a submission and strongly encourages continued submission of best practice ideas and suggestions. All ideas are welcome.

If you would like to submit a best practice, please use the Call for Best Practices form.

WAAL Information Literacy Competencies:

1. Identify and articulate needs which require information solutions.
2. Identify and select appropriate information sources.
3. Formulate and efficiently execute search queries appropriate for the information resource.
4. Interpret and analyze search results and select relevant sources.
5. Locate and retrieve relevant sources in a variety of formats from the global information environment.
6. Critically evaluate the information retrieved.
7. Organize, synthesize, integrate and apply the information.
8. Self-assess the information-seeking processes used.
9. Understand the structure of the information environment and the process by which both scholarly and popular information is produced, organized and disseminated.
10. Understand public policy and the ethical issues affecting the access and use of information.