WAAL Scholarship Guidelines & Applications

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The WAAL Professional Development Committee has created three scholarship application forms for individuals wanting to apply for a scholarship to attend the annual WAAL conference.

  • Undergraduate students (Application Form)
    Undergraduate students who express an interest in Library/Information Science and who may or may not presently be employed by a library. Undergraduates should have an academic standing of sophomore or above.
  • Graduate students (Application Form)Graduate students who are currently enrolled full or part time in a Library/Information Science program, who are or will become WLA members prior to the WAAL conference.

  • Paraprofessional staff (Application Form)
    Those individuals who are currently employed by a library full or part time in a paraprofessional staff position and are not currently enrolled in a graduate Library/Information Science program.

Individuals must fill out and submit the appropriate application form and a one-page document explaining their reasons for wanting to attend the conference and what interests them about this particular conference. Please refer to the conference website to review conference content.

Supporting reference
Graduate and paraprofessional applicants also require a professor, supervisor, or library director to submit a letter of recommendation in support of the applicant. The recommendation letter should address the following qualities: professional attitude, motivation, reliability and quality of work as applicable. Your reference should also address what anticipated benefit s/he sees for you or your institution that your attendance at this conference may provide.

Items covered by scholarship funds:
1. Registration fee for the WAAL conference.
2. Up to $250 in documented expenses. You can expect to have the following covered within the $250 allotment:

a. All meals at the conference- scholarship recipients are encouraged to attend all conference meals and are required to attend the meal at which the scholarships will be acknowledged. Meal reimbursement for meals not held as part of the conference.

b. Hotel room.

c. Mileage to and from the conference if the recipient is driving their own vehicle.

Receipts must be submitted for expenses.