Spring 2010

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Volume 27, No. 2, Spring 2010
Co-Editors: Julia Trojanowski, Northland College and Linda Hartig, Carroll University

In this issue:

Thoughts from the WAAL Chair Edible Book Festival
2010 Information Literacy Award Step Up, Step Forward Conference
Conference Scholarship Recipients' Comments People & Places in the News
WeLead Task Force News Calendar of Meetings & Events
New to the WAAL Web Page Education & Enrichment Opportunities
Marketing LibX at UW-Parkside

Thoughts from the WAAL Chair

--Dennis Unterholzner

D. Unterholzner, WAAL Chair, photo

Greetings All.  As I begin writing this article, I’m thinking back to the recent WAAL Conference.  Besides the many informative presentations, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with many of you during breaks and lunches. 

Once again, I want to thank the 2010 WAAL Conference Planning Committee for the excellent job they did: Ane Carriveau, Ripon College (co-chair & publicity), Anne Rauh, UW-Madison, Wendt (co-chair & budget), Adam Brisk, WITC-Superior (technology), Jessica Gile Hutchings, SLIS, UW-Madison (hotel liaison), Angela Milock, WiLS (evaluation), Charles Elftmann, Alverno College (poster sessions, volunteers), Molly Mathias, UW-Milwaukee (signs, keynote liaison), Karen Dunn, UW-Madison, Steenbock Library (website), Elizabeth Hunt, Ripon College (presentations), Michael Watkins, UW-Oshkosh (print programs),  Laurie Swartwout, Cardinal Stritch University (registration), Lisa Weikel, UW-Milwaukee (off-site activities), and Jim Buckett, UW-Madison, Steenbock Library (vendors).  They not only worked hard, they also worked well together and enjoyed themselves in the process.  Attendance at the conference was 219.

For those of you who were unable to attend the conference, please take a look at the post-conference page (http://www.wla.lib.wi.us/waal/conferences/2010/resources.html), where many of the presenters have posted their handouts and PowerPoint slides.

WAAL is sponsoring or co-sponsoring several sessions at the 2010 WLA Conference at the Kalahari Waterpark Resort & Convention Center at Wisconsin Dells, November 2-5, 2010.  Among others, the sessions will include “Staff Training at a Combined Services Desk,” “Stealth Marketing & Clip Art: Doing a Lot with a Little,” and “Designing for the Future: a Creative Process for Space Planning That Meets the Evolving Needs of Library Users As Well As the Management of Library Services.”

I hope all of you have an enjoyable and productive summer, and I look forward to seeing you at WLA this fall.

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2010 Information Literacy Award 

--Rebecca Payne, Information Literacy Award Committee

The Information Literacy Committee presented Paloma Celis Carbajal, Steven Baumgart, Nola Walker, and Tony Krier of Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison with its 2010 Information Literacy Award during the Wednesday luncheon at the annual conference. Carbajal, Ibero-American Bibliographer; Baumgart, Instruction Coordinator; Walker, Assessment & Public Services Librarian; and Krier, Reference & Web Development were honored for their program of integrating information literacy instruction in the Spanish curriculum through plug-in assignments and online and in-person components.

In fall 2009, the UW-Madison Spanish Department redesigned its curriculum for Spanish 226, Intermediate Language Practice with Emphasis on Writing and Grammar, and invited the library to participate in the process. The program involved the library developing a series of plug-in assignments designed to expose students to the Spanish language collection in ways that would integrate with students’ composition assignments. The library provided online content through a Library Course Page as well as a 15-minute, face-to-face instruction session to all 29 sections of the course.   

Following the luncheon, Carbajal, Baumgart, Walker, and Stasie Harrington, Faculty Associate in the UW-Madison Department of Spanish and Portuguese, presented the program "Integrated, Scaffolded, Constructed: Plug-in Library Instruction for Spanish 226."    

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2010 WAAL Conference Scholarship Recipients’ Comments

Ann Graf (graduate student at SOIS):
I was very grateful to be able to attend this spring's WAAL conference and highly recommend the experience for practicing academic librarians as well as for students about to enter the field. All the seminars I attended were well thought out and informative.  Beyond the information presented was the opportunity to learn about giving presentations myself someday. 

The luncheon speakers were fantastic. I was especially intrigued by Hope Olson's presentation on the power of classification and Michael Zimmer's session regarding Google and Internet privacy. There was so much more--I could go on and on about what I learned and all the great people I was able to talk with.  Needless to say, I plan on attending this conference as often as I can in the future.

Katherine Westby (graduate student at SLIS):
Reflecting on my rookie WAAL experience, this year's conference was just the fix for my "end-of-the-semester blues."  In library school, it is all too easy to get bogged down by the pressure of research papers, online presentations, and Cutter tables (still working on figuring those out...).  But I came away from the WAAL conference inspired by a great three days of speakers, conversations, and practical applications of the theory behind academic librarianship that we talk so much about in school.  I look forward to finding ways both during and after my time at library school to develop and collaborate on projects like the ones featured at WAAL and to participate in the ongoing discussion of changes and growth in academic librarianship.  Special thanks to my WAAL mentor, Marc Boucher, for his enthusiasm, insight, and for taking time to listen to and encourage my professional goals.

Tomissa Porath (undergraduate student at Ripon):
Attending WAAL was a very positive experience for me. It was a great way to network with other librarians, but it truly showed me different aspects of academic librarianship. I was already excited about graduate school in the fall, but now I am more excited to begin school and then begin my career in librarianship.

Special thanks to the following librarians who mentored this year’s recipients: Jane Bannerman, Marc Boucher, Peter Gilbert, and Leah Ujda.

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WeLead Task Force News

--Pamela O’Donnell, Chair of the WeLead Task Force

On Thursday, May 13, six new protégés and mentors met for WeLead Orientation at the WLA Offices in Madison. The new class was given a formal introduction to WeLead and its efforts to develop the leadership potential of new library professionals. Karen Barr, an instructor from Nicolet College, was on hand to discuss her research on the importance of mentoring in corporate advancement. Everyone in attendance used her tips on successfully fostering a mentor/protégé relationship as a starting point in building an effective mentoring bond.

WeLead, proteges and mentors, photo
The protégés and their mentors for 2010-2012 include:

Cynthia Bachhuber, Campus Librarian, Globe University-West Madison will be mentored by Karen Jander, Head of the Serials Department at UW-Milwaukee Library.

Molly Beverstein, Research Librarian at the architecture/design firm of Cogdell Spencer Erdman, Madison will be mentored by Mark Rozmarynowski, Library Director, UW-Baraboo.

Jennifer McNaughton
, a reference librarian at the Hartland Public Library will be mentored by Marge Loch-Wouters, Youth Services Coordinator at La Crosse Public Library.

Cheryl Nessman, Head of Technical Services at the Manitowoc Public Library will be mentored by Sue Riehl, Technical & Public Services Librarian at the Todd Wehr Library, Carroll University.

Teresa Schmidt, Library Director of the Mercer Public Library will be mentored by Carol Anderson, Library Director, Spring Green Community Library.

Kelly Wochinske, a librarian at the Milwaukee Public Library will be mentored by Leah Langby, Library Development and Youth Services Coordinator, Indianhead Federated Library System.

WeLead is funded by Embury, Ltd., Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians, Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians, and the WLA Foundation. We thank them for their support.

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New to the WAAL Web Page

--Teresa Grimm, WAAL Directory Committee

The updated Designated Contacts list is now available at the WAAL website. Thank you to all who volunteered to serve as a Designated Contact.  Designated Contacts serve as a valuable communication link to WAAL members by forwarding notices to co-workers regarding upcoming conferences, scholarship opportunities, and legislative news.  In addition, they share information about WAAL and WLA with new hires in their library, and they notify the WLA office of new hires.

Most colleges/universities have one Designated Contact. The UW-Madison libraries have been grouped into:

  • Arts, Humanities and Social Science Libraries
  • College Library
  • Ebling Health Sciences Library
  • Kurt F. Wendt Engineering Library
  • Law Library
  • Science Libraries
  • Special Purpose Campus Libraries

The Designated Contacts list will continue to be a work-in-progress.  Designated Contacts are still being recruited for some libraries.  Please review the online list.  If a Designated Contact is needed for your library, please consider helping in this role. Contact Teresa Grimm (tgrimm@wctc.edu)

The WAAL Directory, previously available on the WAAL website, is no longer available. MemberClicks, accessible on both the WAAL and  WLA home pages, provides an online membership directory with versatile search options. Log in to access the directory. Search options include simple search and advanced.  The advanced option allows for searches by a wide variety of attributes such as library type, WLA committees, zip code, job title, and more. Searches can be saved for repeated use.  Five-minute tutorials on the directory and on managing your personal profile are available online.  Information in MemberClicks is constantly updated when members renew their membership or register for conferences.  Members can also update their own profiles. This is a wonderful resource for WLA members, so take a few minutes to try it out.

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Marketing LibX at UW-Parkside: Strategy and Experience

--Qinghua Xu and Paige Mano, UW-Parkside

On April 23, we had the opportunity to present a poster at the WAAL 2010 conference in Milwaukee.  In it, we discussed our marketing strategies, successes, and user concerns with implementing the LibX service (www.libx.org) in the UW-Parkside library.  The objectives of our project, both in introducing and marketing LibX, were as follows: to find out the most useful marketing techniques for library services in general; to promote the use of LibX at UW-Parkside; to attract new library users (e.g., commuting students); and to increase the overall visibility of the library.  We kept download statistics and used a survey (see below) as an assessment tool of our marketing success throughout the Fall 2009 semester.

LibX is a Firefox and Internet Explorer extension that installs a toolbar onto a user’s Internet browser. Once it has been configured for an institution’s catalog, the LibX toolbar provides direct access to the library’s resources without requiring the user to return to the library’s website. Some of the features it provides include:

  • TOOLBAR: Allows the user to search the UW-Parkside catalog, periodical list, Google Scholar, Worldcat, and PubMed directly from the browser
  • RIGHT-CLICK MENU:  Allows the user to highlight text on a web page and right-click for a menu of search options
  • MAGIC BUTTON:  When highlighted text is dragged to the “Scholar” button, LibX will read Scholar’s results, determine whether the article can be found, and ask the UW-Parkside periodicals List for a copy
  • EMBEDDED LINKS: LibX embeds a UW-Parkside “cue” on search results on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Google Scholar, NYT Book Reviews, and more that link users to UW-Parkside library catalog results
  • AUTOLINKS: LibX automatically links ISBNs, ISSNs, PubMed IDs and DOIs to UW-Parkside’s print and licensed e-resources

We used a variety of different marketing techniques to get the word out about LibX, some of which proved more successful than others.

  • We had small business cards printed up on bright yellow paper, which provided information about where to find LibX on the library’s website.  As they were small and easily portable, we were able to distribute these in instructional sessions as well as at the Reference Desk.
  • We also made a number of table tents in bright colors with similar LibX and library information; these were placed around the reference area and in-between computer terminals.
  • Using Adobe Captivate, we created a video tutorial to be added to the LibX information page on our library’s website.  We felt this was especially helpful as it addressed the capabilities of LibX as they applied specifically to the UW-Parkside campus.
  • We have maintained a strong web presence.  Permanent links to the LibX download page were placed in our library blog, the library homepage, our Facebook fan page, and Twitter; LibX information and links were placed on each librarian’s LibGuide page; several emails regarding LibX were sent to faculty, staff, and students; and LibX was installed on all library computers.
  • We relied heavily on word-of-mouth promotion.  Information about LibX was presented to faculty and students in library instruction and orientation sessions, recommended at the Reference Desk, and made available through drop-in workshops meant to assist users with any questions they might have.
  • Finally, we created a survey both as a way to get feedback about LibX as well as an additional marketing strategy (as we discovered, many people noted in the survey that it was the first they had heard of LibX).  As an incentive, survey takers could enter to win one of two $25 gift cards.

After analyzing the survey results as well as the download statistics, we drew some important conclusions about the overall success of our project.  First, we found that face-to-face instruction was very important.  Even when people were notified of the service via e-mail, and although they reported finding the video tutorial helpful, they seemed to respond more positively when a librarian demonstrated LibX for them (as in an instruction session). Secondly, word-of-mouth and collaboration across departments proved extremely useful in marketing the service. Certain faculty members were very supportive of LibX’s capabilities and actively promoted it to their students; similarly, being able to work with the Campus Technology Services to install LibX on all library computers made it easy for users to try the new service.

We also discovered that, no surprise, monetary incentives helped to boost the number of people taking the survey (and thus finding out about and using LibX).  Perhaps the most important conclusion we reached was that not only does marketing need to be ongoing--keeping links on the library website, continuing to mention LibX in instruction sessions and at orientations, handing out LibX cards whenever possible--but there also needs to be a variety of techniques used at the same time.  If one user misses the link on the blog, he or she might notice the table tent sitting next to the reference computer.  Mixing up marketing methods increases the odds that potential users will come into contact with the service from various sources.

We were pleased to receive support from the UW-Parkside library to carry out this project and for the opportunity to share our results at WAAL 2010.


xuq@uwp.edu, mano@uwp.edu

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Edible Book Festival

The 2010 Edible Book Festival was celebrated, April 13th in the Memorial Library Commons, UW-Madison with more than 100 attendees on hand to admire and sample the work of area food artists.

Photos of each entry, as well as photos from the event, can be viewed at http://www.library.wisc.edu/edible-book/pictures10.html  (Click the thumbnail photos to launch full, clearer images).

In addition to the artists, the organizers wish to thank the following individuals: Raphael Kadushin, Lesley Wolf, Rebecca Payne, Nancy McClements, Tony Krier, Kelli Keclik, Paloma Celis-Carbajal, Kia Her, Librarians' Assembly, Jen Champoux, Jane Pearlmutter, Judith Louer, LuMarie Guth, Jeff Gayton, Jill Rosenshield, Dineen Grow, Sheila Stoeckel, Albert Quattrucci, Michael Brost, Sue Dentinger, Lee Konrad, Diane Glodoski, and Fresh Market.

Award winners include:

  • People's Choice Award: Beth Harper, "In Defense of Food"
  • Critic's Choice Award - 1st Place: Jennifer Stibitz & Catherine Boldt, "Metamorphosis"
  • Critic's Choice Award - Runner-Up: Todd Bruns, "The Chocolate War"
  • Critic's Choice Award - Runner-Up:  Lesley Wolf, "Click, Clack, Moo"
  • Best Entry by a Student:  Jenny Sessions, "Olivia Makes Dessert"
  • Best Entry based on a Children's Book:  Lesley Wolf, "Click, Clack, Moo"
  • Best Entry by a Family (tie):  Carrie, Elizabeth & Grace Nelson, "The Paper Bag Princess" and the Kious/Jenkins family, "The Boxcar Children"
  • Best Entry by a Group: General Library System Business Services, "Cook the Books"

The 2010 Edible Book Festival was organized by Beth Harper, Kristina Glodoski, and Todd Bruns.

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Step Up, Step Forward Conference

--Michael Venner, Publicity Chair, Conference Planning Committee, WHSLA & Midwest MLA

The Program Committee of the WHSLA & Midwest MLA Conference invites proposals for contributed papers and posters for the 2010 conference in Madison, Wisconsin from September 24-28 at the Best Western Inn on the Park. Put on your walking shoes and join us in the heart of Madison.

The conference theme of "Step Up, Step Forward" lends itself to a variety of topics, and provides opportunities for presenters to: share ways they have advocated for their patrons, been involved in improving literacy, overcame current financial challenges, or improved collaborations beyond the library; showcase how they provide new and exciting ways to delivery library services, share innovative uses of technology both within and outside the library walls, or provide a glimpse into the future.

Papers and posters may highlight practical problem-solving approaches, document collaborative efforts or outreach activities, describe innovative programs, or report on research in librarianship, resources or services. Contributed papers and poster topics are as unlimited as your imagination. Abstract Submission Deadline: June 30, 2010.  See all the details at our website: http://midwestmla.org/conference2010/call.html

Step Up Step Forward Conference is also offering a variety of continuing education classes.  The CE Committee has put together a wonderful selection of instructors who are offering a wide variety of classes. There is something for everyone! CEs are being held on Saturday, September 25 and Tuesday, September 28, 2010. You can review all the details about the classes and instructors at the Step Up Step Forward Conference’s website: http://midwestmla.org/conference2010/ce/

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People & Places in the News

From Kim Baugrud: 

The UW-Milwaukee SOIS course for Genealogy Certification from ALA will use the 3rd edition of the book "Searching For Your Family" by Kim Baugrud, Professor, UWM, released in January. (1994, 2002, 2010).

Marquette University Raynor Memorial Libraries

The University has announced three promotions in rank effective July 1: Bill Fliss and Michelle Sweetser to Associate Archivist and Mark Thiel to Archivist. See more about each staff member.

The Libraries held their 13th Maria Dittman Library Research Competition. A-grade papers written during 2009 were submitted for $200 cash prizes in three categories. The winners were honored at an award ceremony during National Library Week, and photos were taken for a new READ poster. Also, winning papers were invited to be included in the institutional repository, e-Publications @ Marquette. See more about the competition and digital papers.

New and enhanced digital collections: The Clement J. Zablocki Papers are now available; a digital collection of more than 100 photos from the collection was released.  The Holy Rosary – Red Cloud Indian School Digital Image Collection was recently expanded to more than 1,000 images, documenting life of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in western South Dakota and Nebraska. The Marquette Athletic Hall of Fame is the topic of the newest digital collection, comprising more than 1,300 images of individual athletes, select teams, coaches, and administrators since 1972.

See the April issue of Ex Libris, the occasional libraries’ newsletter, with reading recommendations from library staff.

The Libraries’ Research Guides, using the LibGuides platform, now number 88 in the series. Two of the newest are devoted to Haiti and the Dead Sea Scrolls. See an index to all guides here.

UW-Fox Valley

April Kain-Breese, Library Director at UW-Fox Valley in Menasha since 1978, will be retiring July 15, 2010, after more than 31 years of service to the University of Wisconsin Colleges.  She will be pursuing a new career as an ordained minister.  During April’s tenure at UW-Fox Valley she not only served the UW Colleges library community but also the Fox Valley community, serving on numerous committees and boards, including the CUWL Executive Committee, CUWL Collection Development Committee, five UW Colleges Library Director search and screen committees, four terms as the Chair of the UW Colleges Library Council, the Board of Trustees of Mooring House, the Board of Trustees of the Outagamie Waupaca Library System,  as Spiritual Leader of Unity Church of Christianity, and overseeing the construction of a new library.  In 1999 she was awarded the UW Colleges’ Kaplan Award for innovation in library instruction.  April has a B.S. in English from UW-Stevens Point and an M.S. in Library Science from UW-Madison.

UW-Green Bay

Susan Zeyher has joined the Cofrin Library staff at UW-Green Bay as the Evening Supervisor in Access Services.  As the Evening Supervisor, she assists patrons with Library needs during evening hours as well as overseeing Circulation-related services and student staff.  Susan previously worked in the Ebling Library at UW-Madison providing document delivery services.


Kelli Keclik and Lynette Korenichave been named 2010 Librarians of the Year.

K. Keclik and L. Korenic, photo

Photo Credit:
Library Communications

Lynette Korenic received the Librarian of theYear award given to a librarian who has worked more than ten years at the Libraries. She has been serving as director of the Kohler Art Library since 1999. During her tenure as director, she has worked to build collections, while at the same time, greatly improving user services.

Kelli Keclik received the award for Librarian of the Year for fewer than ten years of service. Those who nominated Kelli for the award gush when describing her original thinking and innovations. To quote, “she drives change. She embraces new ideas and thinks about how they can improve service. She balances cost against function and user need.”

See the official press release at: http://www.library.wisc.edu/news/releases/2010/20100416-2010librariansoftheyear.html

UW-Madison, Kohler Art Library

The Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture, (http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/DLDecArts), provides a growing collection of resources focused especially for the study of Early American material culture.  Four publicly available, full-text titles have been added so far in 2010, including the complete run (1849-52) of the Journal of Design and Manufactures.  The DLDecArts is produced at UW-Madison and includes an image database of furniture, ceramics and prints; a collection of full-text books and journals; and a web portal to informative art-related websites.


The American Geographical Society Library has been awarded a two-year $315,000 grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities to preserve and digitize 57,000 photographic images, dating from about 1900 to 1950, on nitrate film.  See the full story at: http://www4.uwm.edu/news/stories/details.cfm?customel_datapageid_11602=3045208

In March, the Libraries and the Jewish Museum Milwaukee co-hosted Wisconsin Oral History Day, with the keynote address by J. Todd Moye, Associate Professor of History & Public History at the University of North Texas, and presentations of works-in-progress, including a Milwaukee civil rights digital history project at the Libraries.

UW-Milwaukee faculty and staff authors were celebrated at an April event sponsored by the Libraries and the Graduate School. 180 authors and their combined 249 monographic books and recordings (published since November 2006) were recognized.

The Libraries offered one-on-one advice to students on adjusting privacy settings on social networking sites and controlling visibility on Google during Choose Privacy Week in early May. They also co-sponsored, with the School of Information Studies, a panel discussion entitled “Emerging Privacy and Ethical Challenges for Libraries in the 2.0 Era.”


In January, Jessy Olson began a position as Instruction/Reference Librarian and Instruction Work Group Leader, which she describes as a “perfect job description.”  Interacting with the students is a high point as well as the challenge of engaging and enticing their enthusiasm for information literacy and library research.  She enjoys interacting with the library staff who she sees working together with good grace and mutual helping. Additionally, Jessy enjoys the Menomonie community, the area beauty and allure, and the university/community interaction.

UW-Washington County

Jennifer Chamberlain has been appointed the new Library Director at UW-Washington County in West Bend. Jennifer has been serving as the Interim Director at the campus since September of 2009. She previously served in the reference departments at Waukesha, Menomonee Falls, Sussex, and Delafield Public Libraries, and as Library Director at Boulder Junction Public Library. In addition to her campus work, Jennifer is also currently a site facilitator for the YMCA “Girls Night Out” program in West Bend. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Lawrence University and an MLIS from UW-Milwaukee.

Viterbo University

Gretel Stock-Kupperman is the new Director of the Todd Wehr Memorial Library at Viterbo University. Gretel worked as the Director of Membership Services at the Metropolitan Library System in Burr Ridge, Illinois, and as Assistant Director in the Library at Benedictine University. Gretel earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theater with a Music Minor from UW-Stevens Point, her Master’s in Library and Information Science from University of Illinois, and her Master’s of  Science in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University.
For the third consecutive year, Jonathan Hinck and the Wisconsin Chapter of the Catholic Library Association were awarded the Chapter Newsletter Award for Excellence. This was presented at the annual CLA business meeting held in Minneapolis, April 8, 2010.

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Calendar of Meetings & Events

Government Information Day Friday, June 11, 2010, Memorial Library, UW-Madison
WLA Annual Conference November 2-5, 2010, Kalahari Waterpark Resort & Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells

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Education & Enrichment Opportunities

CCBC Calendar & Events SOIS Podcasts
e-Learning from ACRL SOIS Professional Development Institute
SLIS Continuing Education, Online Short Courses Wisconsin State Law Library Classes and Tours

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The WAAL Newsletter welcomes articles of interest to academic librarians. Please consider sharing summaries of research or research in progress, announcements/results of meetings or conferences, and news of staff changes and/or accomplishments.

Deadline for the next issue: September 17, 2010

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