WAAL Annual Conference

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Dive Deep! WAAL 2016

April 19-22, 2016

Heidel House Resort & Spa, Green Lake

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Heidel House Resort & Spa
643 Illinois Avenue
Green Lake, WI 54941

Guest Speakers Announced!

Courtney Greene McDonald, Wednesday Keynote

TITLE: Taking the Plunge Into Holistic Design

DESCRIPTION: Wisconsin is a state well-known for its commitment to progress; libraries are well-known for their commitment to service, excellence and preservation. How can holistic design thinking give us new, or renewed, avenues for progress and excellence in the service of our communities? This keynote will discuss how we can make use of this design approach to move our libraries forward.


Daniel Goldin, Wednesday Luncheon

TITLE: State of the Bookstore, Publishing, and More

DESCRIPTION: Daniel Goldin, from Boswell Book Company, will give an overview about his take in publishing and bookselling today, including real world examples of new books and how they are being published and marketed. As a big fan of libraries, both public and academic, he will also talk about the ways in which bookstroes and libraries can partner together. 

BIODaniel Goldin has owned Boswell Book Company for 2,575 days, as of April 20, 2016. Before that, he workd at Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops in Milwaukee, primarily as the trade book buyer, for about 23 years. Previous to that, he was a book publicist in Milwaukee. He grew up in Queens, New York, and majored in math, with a concentration in Russian (long story) at Dartmouth College. 


Todd H. Bol, Thursday Luncheon 


TITLE: Little Free Library

DESCRIPTION: Little Free Library is a Midwest-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote literacy and the love of reading by building free neighborhood book exchagnes. Today 36,000 Little Free Libraries stand as part of a global phenomenon that keeps gaining momentum. Little Free Libraries now stand inf front yards all across the globe -- from Iceland to Pakistan to Tasmania -- strengthening neighborhoods, spreading literacy and the love of reading, and bringing people together. 

Todd H. Bol created the very first Little Free Library -- a front yard book exchange -- in 2009 to share books with his neighbors. After seeing the community's positive reaction to the miniature library, Bol built  30 more and gave them away to neighbors, friends and family. The response was so overwhelming that Bol crafted a vision for a community-led grassroots movement.

Todd is a mission-driven innovator, inspiring others through his creativity and storytelling. He believes that in order to be successful as a social entrepreneur, you need to create storytelling. He believes that in order to be successful as a social entrepreneur you need to create something that people can't resist. Tood overcame some resistance to his unconventional nonprofit design to create the grassroots phenomenon that is Little Free Library. And people just can't resist it!


Amy Buckland, Friday Keynote

ABuckland WI

TITLE: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Digital Scholarship (*But Were Afraid To Ask)

DESCRIPTION: There's a lot of talk in libraryland about digital scholarship these days. Some of our faculty say they do it, and many of our students want to learn it, but what exactly is it? And do you ever wonder if any part of your day has anything to do with digital scholarship? It may sound like a big amorphous concept, but I can assure you that you are already a player in the digital scholarship world. Let's discuss all the different ways libraries can support and partner on digital scholarship projects. 


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