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Guest Speakers

Mark Phillips, Wednesday Keynote

TITLE: Utilizing digital library infrastructure to build modern research collections

M. Phillips, photoDESCRIPTION: Academic research libraries have invested heavily in digital library technology and infrastructure for over a decade now, yet few are leveraging these technologies to their fullest to build new and innovative research collections for their constituents. The Web has become an important fixture in today’s society and has disrupted countless industries including the way that libraries select and build collections. Most publishing has moved to a Web first paradigm which has challenged the traditional selection, acquisition and provisioning of access in many libraries. This keynote will cover the opportunities that digital library infrastructure offers if utilized effectively as a tool to build novel research collections. It will highlight examples from the UNT Libraries and other institutions, which demonstrate these concepts.

Matt Upson, Wednesday Luncheon

TITLE: Why are there so many explosions?!? Graphic narrative, humor, and engaging instruction in the academic library

M. Upson avatarDESCRIPTION: Comics and graphic novels are increasingly welcomed in academic environments. Many undergraduate courses already utilize comics as a way to engage students, and graphic narrative has been used to model behavior, examine and dispel stereotypes, and provide greater context for abstract ideas. The multimodal nature of graphic narrative requires more participation from the reader and results in a more complex meaning-making process than with text alone. Additionally, the use of narrative and humor in the college classroom has been shown to increase comprehension, retention and recall, reduce anxiety, and engage students.

The combination of graphic narrative and humor has the potential to increase student knowledge and understanding of the research process and information literacy skills, while reframing student understanding and appreciation of library services and resources.  

The presenter will cover his experience working with and creating comics as tools for library instruction and future opportunities to utilize the medium.

Aaron Frank, Thursday Luncheon

TITLE: Modern photojournalism: the race to transform print magazines into “cross-content” media brands

A. Frank, photo DESCRIPTION: Aaron Frank, Editor at Large for Motorcyclist, the world’s oldest and largest motorcycle magazine, will offer an inside look at how print journalism has changed recently in order to keep pace with the everything-all-the-time demands of our information age.

Drawing on personal experiences gathered during a 20-year career riding, racing, and writing about motorcycles, he’ll discuss the challenge of taking traditional magazine writing beyond the printed page and onto the Web, blogs, social media, YouTube video, and more.

This will be a lively, behind-the-scenes look at what one massive enthusiast media outlet has had to do to remain relevant and maintain brand equity in a new and ever-changing media environment.

Maurice Coleman, Friday Keynote

TITLE: Now What or Success as a Moving Target

DESCRIPTION: Now that you have successfully piloted your project the truly hard part begins for you and your library organization. How do you incorporate new projects and workflows into your library while keeping your sanity and enthusiasm? How do you help or support staff in weeding their duties and workflows? How do you create an organization that constantly strives to add the better while letting go of what does not work for your customers? This 2010 Library Journal Mover and Shaker will show you practical tips from years of experience leading and merging projects into organizations, thereby ensuring the long term health of your library.

About Maurice Coleman:

M. Coleman, photoMaurice Coleman has been the technical trainer at Harford County (MD) Public Library in NE Maryland for 9 years and has headed a training and digital consulting practice since the 1990’s.

He has 20 years of experience training all ages how to sensibly use technology and computer hardware and software. He has also offered training on effective technology planning and deployment, social media skills, nonprofit organizational development and fundraising, community organizing, and presentation skills.

Maurice has presented at numerous conferences on topics such as digital personal branding, technology implementation, presentation and training skills, community development and effectively using social media.

He hosts the library training podcast T is for Training, is on the board of the American Library Association Learning RoundTable and writes for the Learning RoundTable blog, ALALearning. For his work he was named a 2010 Library Journal Mover and Shaker, and received the Citizens for Maryland Libraries Davis McCarn Technology Award.

You can find him on twitter @baldgeekinmd