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Special Guest Speakers

Wednesday, April 18

Jenica Rogers, Keynote Speaker

Title:Dealing with Change when Everything is Always Changing

Abstract: We’ve spent the last decade…or two …saying that we’re working through a period of major professional change. Yep. We are. And I say it’s time to get over it. We are living in a liminal time, and will keep on doing so, so we all must accept that and then lead our teams and manage our successes. I will discuss tools, approaches, and models to help us all cope, and better yet, succeed as leaders and managers in the challenging but completely invigorating reality that is academic libraries in 2012.

Biography: Jenica Rogers graduated with her MA from the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2001. She was named an ALA Library Mover and Shaker in 2009 for her work in creating a Cooperative Collection Development Plan for numerous SUNY libraries and for her strong leadership in the realm of emerging technology. She currently serves as the director of SUNY Postdam libraries and also pens the blogAttempting Elegance,According to her blog, her main interests are: “advocating for swift but rational implementation of emerging technologies in academic libraries; breaking the bad patterns of ostrich-style library management, and informing, mentoring, and supporting new library professionals as they hit the real world face first and at full speed.”


Wednesday, April 18, Luncheon

Margaret Weis

Title: Lots of Dungeons, no Dragons

Abstract: Margaret Weis discusses the perils and pitfalls of creating a fantasy world whose games and novels would become bestsellers to the shock and amazement of all involved.

Biography: Margaret Weis is the New York Times Bestselling author of theDragonlance ChroniclesandDragonlance Legends as well as many other award-winning and notable series, most recently Dragonshipswith Tracy Hickman.  She also owns her ownrole playing game companyin Lake Geneva that produces games in which players can explore popular settings like Joss Whedon’sSerenity. 

Thursday, April 19, Luncheon


lgodfreyLinda Godfrey

Title: Monsters of Wisconsin

Abstract: Water monsters, flying bat men, BigFoot and werewolves--learn all about Wisconsin’s hidden menagerie with Linda Godfrey, nationally-televised author of 15 published books on strange creatures and oddities, including Weird WisconsinandWeird Michigan.

Many of these creatures have surprising histories.  Lake Geneva’s “Jenny” terrorized 19th century boaters while Rhinelander’s Hodag tore up the North Woods.  Sightings of werewolf-like creatures date back to 1936, and may have ties to the culture of ancient indigenous people.  Bigfoot lurks everywhere, as Godfrey offers a wild hunt through old legends and current cryptid lore.

Biography: Linda S. Godfrey is an author and researcher of the strange and uncanny. She put over 5,000 miles on her "weirdmobile" and found enough strangeness to fill bothWeird Michigan andWeird Wisconsin for Barnes & Noble in 2006, and their sequels,Strange MichiganandStrange Wisconsin for Trails Books. Her latest book,Monsters of Wisconsin,focuses upon monster sightings in southeastern Wisconsin, including a few, here, in Lake Geneva.

Friday, April 20

kleederKim Leeder, Keynote Speaker

Title: Cross Campus Collaboration: A Five Step Program

Abstract: Collaboration has quickly become a buzzword among librarians, but the principles behind it are simple: find those with whom you share common goals and join forces to achieve greater impact for all. Cross-campus collaboration can take just about any form that serves its participants, and there is often some give and take involved in making a collaborative initiative successful. Collaborative strategies can be used by libraries to create instructional projects, plan events, or promote services and resources. In this talk we’ll explore strategies for identifying potential partnerships, building relationships, and expanding the library’s reach across campus by working with others.

Biography: Kim Leeder has an MA in English from University of Reno and an MLIS from the University of Arizona, She has worked as a reference and instruction librarian and humanities liaison and was named an ALA Emerging Leader in 2008. Then, in 2011, ALA named her a Library Mover and Shaker for her work in ALA’s young librarian’s task force and ACRL’s University Libraries section, which she co-chairs.  She is also one of the co-founders of the popular library blogIn the Library with a Lead Pipe.Her latest position is as Director of Library Services at the College of Western Idaho, a quickly growing community college in southwestern Idaho.