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Volunteers are needed to play the following roles:

1) Assist at the Registration Desk.

2) Serve as Room Monitors; Introduce Speakers

The conference planning committee would like to thank you for volunteering.

A small donation of your time and talents will help assure a successful conference for all participants.

Volunteers should specify which role they would like to play and to identify the time(s) when they would be available.

Contact: Charles Elftmann


Notes for Introducing Speakers/Monitoring Room

While there is not a hard/fast rule or set pattern for making an introduction to a speaker or panel, we would recommend contacting the speakers (either before the conference or once you arrive) to see whether they would wish you to speak to some brief biographical or professional information or interest. You may also find some aspect of the topic to reflect upon in making these introductions.

Do also introduce yourself and welcome and thank attendees for their presence.

Additional Suggestions/Tips

  • Plan to arrive at the assigned room within 15 minutes, or so, before the session begins.
  • If you find that the speakers are having any technical difficulties with their set-up, offer to contact the conference registration desk.
  • Offer to help distribute any handouts.
  • Offer to alert speakers as to time remaining during their session.
  • To the extent you can, coax attendees to fill in seats toward the front of the room so that later arrivals can easily fill in the back.
  • Once the presentation has begun, make a head-count of those attending and complete the "Room Monitoring Feedback" form. (Additional copies of this form will be made available at the conference registration desk). 
  • Deposit the form in the collection box at the conference registration desk.


Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, Milwaukee - April 20 - 23, 2010

TheWisconsin Association of Academic Librariansis a Division of theWisconsin Library Association,ACRL Chapter.

Questions or comments regarding these pages can be directed toKaren Dunn.


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