2017 Notable Authors

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Beth Amos (1954-)

Beth Amos is a prolific writer of cozy mysteries who also writes under the pseudonyms Annelise Ryan and Allyson K. Abbott. As Beth Amos, she writes stand-alone suspense novels. Her Annelise Ryan mysteries revolve around a character named Mattie Winston, a nurse turned small town coroner. Bar owner Mack Dalton is the main character in her Allyson K. Abbott novels. Beth resides in southern Wisconsin and her other job as an ER nurse has been a useful source of plot twists over the years. In an interview with The Big Thrill (a mystery writers magazine) Amos says “I use pseudonyms because I worry patients might not like knowing I spend my spare time thinking up clever ways to kill people.”


Beth Amos novels
Cold White Fury (1996)
Eyes of Night (1997)
Second Sight (1998)
Nick of Time (2013) ebook
The Face of Death (2013) ebook

Annelise Ryan novels
Working Stiff (2009)
Scared Stiff (2010)
Frozen Stiff (2011)
Lucky Stiff (2013)
Board Stiff (2014)
Stiff Penalty (2015)
Stiff Competition (2016)
Dead in the Water (2017)

Allyson K. Abbott novels
Murder on the Rocks (2013)
Murder with a Twist (2014)
In the Drink (2015)
Shots in the Dark (2016)

Victoria Houston (1945-)

Victoria Houston is a cozy mystery writer who was born and raised in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. As a student she received a full scholarship to Bennington College in Vermont for writing. Her career before writing 17 installments in the Loon Lake Mystery series involved worked in public relations. It also included ten years of freelance magazine and newspaper feature writing; being an art critic for a major American newspaper and correspondent for a major American art magazine (ARTNEWS); an editor for a wire service for the futures markets and writing six non-fiction titles.

Houston's Loon Lake mysteries are set in a fictional town in Wisconsin's Northwoods. Her novels feature female police chief Lew Ferris, an avid fly fisherman, who solves murders with the help of her retired dentist friend Paul Osbourne. Houston says the lakes and culture of northern Wisconsin make a great setting for her novels, "the world of fishing is home to me." Houston's father, grandfather and uncle were all dentists also. When asked about why she writes, Houston said, "I write to give readers an escape and I hope my books both entertain and strike an emotional chord in people."


Loon Lake Mystery Series:
Dead Angler
Dead Creek
Dead Water
Dead Frenzy
Dead Hot Mama
Dead Jitterbug
Dead Boogie
Dead Madonna
Dead Hot Shot
Dead Renegade
Dead Deceiver 
Dead Tease
Dead Insider
Dead Lil' Hustler 
Dead Rapunzel
Dead Loudmouth
Dead Spider

Restore Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Reviving Her Sexual Desire and Passion for Life, 2001
Making It Work: Finding the Time and Energy for Your Career, Marriage, Children, and Self 1991
Loving a Younger Man: How Women Are Finding and Enjoying a Better Relationship, 1987
Alone After School a Self-care Guide for Latchkey Children and Their Parents, 1985

Sarah Monette (1947-)

Sarah Monette, American novelist and short story author, specializes in fantasy fiction characterized by intricate plotting, expansive world-building, and psychologically complex characters. Born Sarah Elizabeth Smith in November 1974 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Monette studied Classics and Literature at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio and earned her Master’s and PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied Renaissance drama. She received her first book deal while defending her dissertation, It harrows me with fear and wonder: Horror and Haunting in Early Modern Revenge Tragedy, in 2004. In 2007, Monette donated her archives to the department of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University.

Published in 2005, Mélusine, Monette’s first novel and first in a four-book series, was nominated for the James Tiptree Jr. Literary Award. Monette was nominated for the James Campbell Award for best new writer in 2006 and 2007. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous fantasy and science fiction magazines such as Strange Horizons, Lightspeed and Clarkesworld, and has been included in several Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and Year’s Best Science Fiction collections. She is a frequent collaborator with fellow fantasy and science fiction author Elizabeth Bear, and together they wrote the three-book Iskyrne series.

Her 2014 novel, The Goblin Emperor, was published under the open pseudonym Katherine Addison. The novel received significant praise from critics, and it was awarded the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel and was nominated for the Nebula, Hugo and World Fantasy Awards in 2015. She currently resides near Madison, Wisconsin.

Selected Bibliography

The Doctrine of Labyrinths series
Mélusine (Ace Books, 2005)
The Virtu (Ace Books, 2006)
The Mirador (Ace Books, 2007)

A Companion to Wolves [with Elizabeth Bear] (Tor Books, October 2007)
The Tempering of Men [with Elizabeth Bear] (Tor Books, August 2011)
An Apprentice to Elves [with Elizabeth Bear] (Tor Books, October 2015)

Short Story Collections
The Bone Key (Prime Books, 2007)
Somewhere Beneath Those Waves (Prime Books, 2011)

As Katherine Addison
The Goblin Emperor (Tor Books, April 2014)