1979 Notable Authors

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Marie Hall Ets
Walter Havighurst
Alice E. Smith

Marie Hall Ets, 1895-1984

1895-1984. North Greenfield, Milwaukee.

Elementary and High School in Antigo and Lawrence College, Appleton, one year.

Early interest and art training led to career as illustrator of children's books.

First book, Mister Penny, shows Wisconsin farm people. Old fashioned cobbler's shop in Wisconsin village is setting for Mr. T. W. Anthony Woo, and, Mr. Penny's Circus was inspired by Baraboo's Circus Museum.

Awards include: 
Caldecott Medal in 1960 for Nine Days to Christmas. Caldecott Honor Books: In the Forest, 1945; Mr. T. W. Anthony Woo, 1952; Play With Me, 1956; Mr. Penny's Race Horse, 1957; Just Me, 1966.

Walter Havighurst, 1901-1994

1901-1994. Born in Appleton.

Regional historian and novelist.

Widely traveled throughout the world.

Joined the English Department at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1928. Presently (1979) Research Professor of English, Emeritus.

Many honorary degrees from noted schools, including Lawrence University.

Best known works include: Upper Mississipi: A Wilderness Saga, 1937, rev ed. 1944; The Long Ships Passing: The Story of the Great Lakes, 1942, revised and enlarged ed. 1975; Song of the Pines: A Story of Norwegian Lumbering in Wisconsin, 1949.

Alice Elizabeth Smith, 1896-?

1896-? Grantsburg, Madison.

Wisconsin Historical Society staff for 36 years. Headed WPA Historical Records Survey in Wisconsin.

Special honors include: Rockefeller Foundation Grant, Guggenheim Fellowship, honorary doctorate from Northland College.

Author of the History of Wisconsin, Volume I: From Exploration to Statehood. First of six-volume set of history of Wisconsin.

Many honors for service to generations of students in American History at the University of Wisconsin.