1975 Notable Authors

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Ray Stannard Baker
Merle Curti
Juliette Kinzie
Sterling North
Sigurd Olson
Helen White

Ray Stannard Baker, 1870-1946

Merle Curti, 1897-1996

Juliette Kinzie, 1806-1870

Sterling North, 1906-1974
Sterling North was born in 1906 in Edgerton, Wisconsin and began his literary career at age eight with a poem published in St. Nicholas magazine. He attended the University of Chicago and was a serious literary critic, editor, and essayist, although equally well-known for his children's books. He is particularly known for his works about the relationships between people and animals. His book describing childhood life with his pet raccoon, Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era, won numerous rewards including the Newbery award and the Young Readers' Choice Award. After college he was a cub reporter with the Chicago Daily News being promoted to literary editor within 3 years. In 1929 he published his first full-length book, The Pedro Gorino: The Adventures of a Negro Sea-Captain in Africa. During this time he was also a syndicated columnist and contributed poems, short stories, and articles to numerous popular periodicals. In 1957 he left newspaper work to become general editor of Houghton-Mifflin's North Star Books, where he wrote and published several American history books for children. Both Rascal and So Dear to My Heart have been adapted into motion pictures. North died in 1974 at his New Jersey home.

Selected Books:
For Children:

Midnight and Jeremiah, 1943
So Dear to My Heart, 1947
Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era, 1963
George Washington, Frontier Colonel, 1957
Thoreau of Walden Pond, 1959

For Adults:
Midsummer Madness, 1933
Reunion on the Wabash (novel), 1952
The Writings of Mazo De La Roche, 1940
Speak of the Devil: An Anthology of the Appearances of the Devil in the Literature of the Western World, 1945

Sigurd Olson, 1899-1982
Helen White, 1896-1967