2016 Literary Award Winner

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addarioThe Literary Awards Committee of the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) is pleased to announce the 2016 Literary Award winner: Lynsey Addario for: It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War. This is the highest literary achievement by a Wisconsin author for a work written in 2015. 

Lynsey Addario, a 1995 graduate of UW-Madison, has written a book that is gripping, enlightening and (surprisingly, considering her unique experiences) relatable. This work of literary non-fiction offers many thrilling tales, addressing the risks and nomadic lifestyle inherent to a combat photographer’s career. Readers will gain a deeper appreciation of how photographers capture images that tell stories without words. This book is recommended to anyone searching for a riveting read, one that challenges our views of other cultures, offers compelling war reporting and inspires with a story of overcoming great obstacles to further one’s life passion.