Literary Awards


A. To be considered for this award a book must:

1. Normally be more than thirty-two pages in length.
2. Be copyrighted and published in the calendar year preceding the giving of the award.

B. The award is given for a single publication, not for the body of an author's work.

C. The work must be written by a person who was born in Wisconsin, or is currently living in Wisconsin, or lived in Wisconsin for a significant length of time.

D. The work must contribute to the world of literature and ideas.

E. Texts and works with specialized or technical content will not ordinarily be considered.

The Committee welcomes nominations from anyone. It is helpful if you send a copy of the nominated book to the Literary Awards Committee c/o the WLA office, but we would at least need to have the title, author and date of publication. (If you wish to have your submission returned, please provide a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate amount of postage.) Please also tell us the author's connection to the state of Wisconsin. Send nominations, postmarked no later than February 15, to:

Literary Awards Committee
Wisconsin Library Association
4610 South Biltmore Lane, Suite 100
Madison, Wisconsin, 53718-2153