RASS Business Meeting Minutes - October 2012

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RASS Business Meeting Minutes

WLA Conference, LaCrosse – Wednesday, October 24, 2012; 4:15 p.m.

Members present: Linda Bendix, Melissa Kazmer, Nicole Hardina-Wilhelm, Rebecca Dougherty and Nanette Bulebosh. Excused: Joe Bongers.

I. Chair Linda Bendix welcomed the new and continuing Board members. She noted that the Board is now up to full membership and that 2013 will be a year of rebirth for RASS. The RASS Policies and Procedures document is now updated and conforms to WLA guidelines. She then turned the meeting over to incoming chair, Melissa Kazmer.

II. Melissa explored the Committee's thoughts on program sponsorship at the 2013 conferences. Members expressed support for RASS to offer at least one program at WAAL, WAPL and WLA. The Committee suggested the following topics, but should not be limited to: WAAL Conference "Learning Commons" and how this affects provision of reference services. UW-Parkside and possibly Edgewood College have switched to this model; WAPL Conference "Roving Reference and Physical Downsizing of Reference Desks and Collections; WLA Conference "Memory Café", Volunteers replacing paid staff in provision of reference services, and a combining of the two WAAL and WAPL programs as current trends in reference services were the ideas offered for each conference. Potentially Rebecca might take the lead on WAAL and Nicole on the Memory Café topic for WLA. Linda offered to help with the WAPL topic but is willing to make way for other volunteers to handle this. Linda offered to track down the program chairs for each conference.

III. WLA has changed options and software for its website. RASS will need to update its page. It was suggested that Joe Bongers might be a good candidate to handle this, and that the page might include programs offered by RASS in 2012 and 2011, current Board membership and the mission of RASS.

IV. The meeting adjourned at 5:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Bendix

2012 RASS Chair