Resources on Trends & Technology

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Keep up-to-date on current trends and technology issues by visiting the following sites.

Current Cites
"An annotated bibliography of selected articles, books, and digital documents on information technology." Edited by Roy Tennant.

ENTECH is all about "empowering nonprofits in technology." This is a collection of web sites designed to link nonprofits with online information on a broad range of technology-related topics.

Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries
Take a look at cool Internet applications created by libraries across the country.

Keeping Up Web Site
From Steven Bell, this site is designed to help library professionals working with technology to develop and maintain a program of self-guided professional development.

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Tech Tips

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The Ides (Winnefox Library System)

TechBits (South Central Library System)

Special Topics

Online Classes & Tutorials

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OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries) OPAL is a collaborative effort by libraries of all types to provide cooperative web-based programming and training for library users and library staff members. OPAL allows library patrons and library staff members to participate in online library programs from anywhere. Everyone is welcome to participate in OPAL programs, and libraries of all types are encouraged to become OPAL members. Examples of OPAL public online programs include book discussion programs, interviews, special events, library training, memoir writing workshops, and virtual tours of special digital library collections.

The Infopeople Project is supported by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) under the provisions of LSTAThis site lists current and past workshops as well as archived Webcasts with training materials that include the Powerpoint presentations, handouts and exercises if you would like to adapt any of the topics for training your staff. 

Learn Web Standards: Online Tutorials
WESTCIV offers several tutorials on XHTML and CSS that can be used at no charge. They also have classes you can download for a fee, but try their "current free course" to see if you like them first.

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