Member Listserv

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Created specifically for WLA members, the new listserv is a forum for announcements and discussion of topics relevant to Wisconsin libraries. The list is intended for use by WLA members of all categories with an active membership status.

Listserv lists may also be used to inform list members about non-critical events and issues pertaining to the group. For example, messages can include:

  • Changes in member contact information.
  • Useful resources.
  • Information about WLA-related meetings, programs and projects.
  • Ideas for programs and project planning; alerts from WLA on important legislative developments or other related organizations.
  • Requests for information or leads on a particular topic or for a particular purpose.

While the list is restricted to WLA members, no representation of confidentiality can or should be expected with the exchange of email or any form of electronic communication. Members are advised to be aware that their comments could be transmitted to third parties.

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