Scheduling a library listening session

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  • Please contact WLA if you plan to host a listening session. This will help us to track the work being done around the state.
  • We encourage you to host the session as soon as possible. Go to the State Elections Board website for a list of candidates on the ballot.
  • Contact the candidates (including incumbents running) in your target area. For instance, you may wish to include candidates for state senator and the representatives within that senate district, or organize the sessions on a county-wide basis. Provide those invited with background information on the issues you expect to discuss. Several background information papers are provided on the Listening Sessions main page.
  • The meeting should be held in a library. Consider not only public libraries, but school, academic, or special libraries in the area who might be willing partners. Contact these potential partners early on to maximize the importance of your event in the eyes of your political guests.

Listening Sessions